Theos 1 Year Drop Party + AMA

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Do you think I have a alt?

Yea 22 vote(s) 91.7%
Naw 1 vote(s) 4.2%
Whats an alt? 1 vote(s) 4.2%
  1. It Has come to my attention that soon I will turn 1 Year Old!
    So... I have made this thread.
    In this thread, you can comment any questions for me to answer:) (Ask Me Anything!)
    After you ask me a question, choose a number! Any number (Unless someone has said that number)
    When I turn 1 Year Old, probably when I turn 1 Year Old I'll have a Drop Party.
    Also after I have my Drop Party... There will be a parkour event ;)
    'Wait, Theo don't you have to open the fun res on the day of the Drop Party?'
    Yes, that day is also when the fun res opens :D

    Also numbers will go up to 150

    1. EnderMagic1
    2. Kippy159
    6. PeculiarPotato
    7. SkeleTin007
    10. SealInAction
    13. JohnKid
    14. ___Honey_Dew___
    17. Sachrock
    20. ESSELEM
    21. BearJedi
    24. Lil_Spartan_Cat
    27. galazeek
    29. Kytula
    30. Will_McNab
    33. Dufne
    36. MasterMockery
    45. CallumDaKing
    50. ExExUnderscore
    68. Jelle68
    69. SkareCBoi

    Donations are welcome for the drop party and AMA Prize at /v 10097 ;)
    Wait, did I tell you there will be a prize for the AMA?
    That's right! I will be using and there will be 3 winners :)
    Also no alts :)
    Have have been counting the days until it will be my 1 year... Well Ill be on holiday... So I might get someone to host it or we might have it early, your choice :)
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  2. give me a number, any number!!! Preferably 36. But also, how many alts do you have?
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  3. Well I have 3 accounts :) Theomglover, theomglover3rd and another secret one ;)
  4. I will take number 7 and my question is what does your alt look like?
  5. Can I have 21? My question is... what do you think of the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn?
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  6. Number 69 please otherwise 7 will do fine.
    A$ fur ma ? h3r3 1t c0m35.
    Does a one legged duck swim in circles?
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  7. number 27 pls.

    What's your favorite build on EMC?
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  8. He has a cake skin ;)
    What do i like? :p Well many things but that she is humorous ;)
    Yes? :p I guess.
    I like everyones build :)
  9. gimmie 50

    question is, how is a 1 year old infant playing emc?
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  10. Which is better? Firefloor or Mob Arena?
    Number 10 please also Thanks for hosting this also have a great 1 year on Emc!
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  11. Number 20 pls =D what's your favorite quote/saying?
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  12. What do you mean? :p Because Im 1 and a half years old
    Iv gotta love Mob Arena! I just like seeing people die :)
    From anything? Love Your Perfume. What is that, the stench of death? 1k For the first person to tell me who said that :p
  13. If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck? I'll take # 3 please.
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  14. Harley Quinn :p

    Where is your favorite place to be on emc?
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  15. I hate that saying:confused: But I would say 1
    Yes! Harley Quinn, Ill pay you when I get home from School. My favorite place on emc? Well everywhere! Also you forgot a number ;)
  16. Number 17 please
    What made you keep playing EMC for a whole year?
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  17. My bad! 33 please :D
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  18. The community just kept supporting me :)
  19. Can confirm!!

    Number 6 please :)

    What is your favorite movie?
  20. So far its gotta be Suicide Squad :)
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