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Do you think I have a alt?

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  1. So I will turn 1 Year Old soon! No silly I Year Old In Emc, why would you think a 1 Year Old would be playing minecraft I mean that is so- Hm Sorry Off topic.
    Like I said be I will be 1 year old In Emc and I will be hosting Parkour, Quizzes, And much much more! Actually.. No only Parkour, Quizzing and a Secret Event! The Secret Event is secret so I cant tell you any clues, no bribes no anything!

    'Hey Themo whens the event and where?!'
    Well Im glad you asked!
    The event will be on 11th Feb 2017 (
    I know might be a bit after my 150 mark but hey I might host a birthday party as well.
    The event will be help on my 1st res on smp5! There might be nothing there but Kippy159 is building a awesome garden on that res (Thanks Kippy :))

    Another question you might ask is 'Themo why so late?'
    Well Im going on a 2 month holiday :D
    Link is right Here if you want to know more!
    I will be posting photos weekly on that thread.. Off topic again

    Anyway If you couldn't be bothered reading that here is a quick summary Im hosting a party on 11th of Feb, I made the font big so you will notice this ;)

    'Themo Another Question! How do we enter winning prizes?'
    I did not say you could win prize but I guess I can put a Ama involved with this, well to get involved just ask a question.. Nothing To personal like 'Themo Where you live?' No dont be like that just ask a simple question that I can answer! The numbers go up to 150! The contestants are listed below just click that Spoiler!
    (Note Ama Winners will be said at the Event)

    1. EnderMagic1
    2. Kippy159
    5. kjchavarri
    6. PeculiarPotato
    7. SkeleTin007
    8. nuclearbobomb
    9. Vortixin
    10. SealInAction
    13. JohnKid
    14. ___Honey_Dew___
    15. takenID
    16. lottie1664
    17. Sachrock
    18. SummerRainbow
    19. AnonReturns
    20. ESSELEM
    21. BearJedi
    24. Lil_Spartan_Cat
    25. paddle73
    27. galazeek
    29. Kytula
    30. Will_McNab
    31. cam7051
    33. Dufne
    36. MasterMockery
    39. crazyminerpete
    42. tuqueque
    45. CallumDaKing
    50. ExExUnderscore
    54. WolfInAction
    68. Jelle68
    69. SkareCBoi
    99. Raaynn

    Alot of people right? :p Or is that numbers? I dont know but here are the rules
    Not Alts
    Try not to copy a question someone has said
    Dont pick the same number
    Dont ask when this AMA will finish cause I said it above
    No bribes

    Winners Will be pick on so its fair :)

    A donations box will be set up on my Second Res on /smp8 No dirt please, feel free to donate money, just dont pay me pay THEmotionMAST3R

    I think I am finished here :) Thank You everyone that took their time and read this :p

    Good Luck All
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  2. give me a number, any number!!! Preferably 36. But also, how many alts do you have?
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  3. Well I have 3 accounts :) Theomglover, theomglover3rd and another secret one ;)
  4. I will take number 7 and my question is what does your alt look like?
  5. Can I have 21? My question is... what do you think of the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn?
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  6. Number 69 please otherwise 7 will do fine.
    A$ fur ma ? h3r3 1t c0m35.
    Does a one legged duck swim in circles?
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  7. number 27 pls.

    What's your favorite build on EMC?
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  8. He has a cake skin ;)
    What do i like? :p Well many things but that she is humorous ;)
    Yes? :p I guess.
    I like everyones build :)
  9. gimmie 50

    question is, how is a 1 year old infant playing emc?
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  10. Which is better? Firefloor or Mob Arena?
    Number 10 please also Thanks for hosting this also have a great 1 year on Emc!
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  11. Number 20 pls =D what's your favorite quote/saying?
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  12. What do you mean? :p Because Im 1 and a half years old
    Iv gotta love Mob Arena! I just like seeing people die :)
    From anything? Love Your Perfume. What is that, the stench of death? 1k For the first person to tell me who said that :p
  13. If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck? I'll take # 3 please.
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  14. Harley Quinn :p

    Where is your favorite place to be on emc?
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  15. I hate that saying:confused: But I would say 1
    Yes! Harley Quinn, Ill pay you when I get home from School. My favorite place on emc? Well everywhere! Also you forgot a number ;)
  16. Number 17 please
    What made you keep playing EMC for a whole year?
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  17. My bad! 33 please :D
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  18. The community just kept supporting me :)
  19. Can confirm!!

    Number 6 please :)

    What is your favorite movie?
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  20. So far its gotta be Suicide Squad :)
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