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  1. I felt like posting some sort of thread, so here it is! :p
    I have always been interested in ideas, concepts, and theories.
    Here is an interesting paradox:
    "If a crocodile steals a child and promised its return if the father can correctly guess what the crocodile will do, how should the crocodile respond in the case that the father correctly guesses that the child will not be returned?"-Wikipedia

    Here's another
    The sentence below is true.
    The above sentence is false.

    Comment what you think about these paradoxes! Feel free to post any theories or anything philosophical. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
  2. True, I'm gonna go with true. That was easy.

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  3. I absolutely love theories. They're basically giant educated guesses. An overpowered educated guess that is most likely true but has not been proven yet. I take, for example, one of my favourites. Stephen Hawking's black hole theory *cue illuminati soundtrack*

    Has anyone ever witnessed a black hole? Nope. Has anyone ever touched a black hole? Nope. Can you probably even see blacks holes? Probably not! It's just a huge theory based on a multitude of educated guesses from a really smart dude. It's again, one of my favourite subjects, because theories aren't yet proven. They're just one big guess based on research but with no good evidence.
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  4. If you traveled back in time and killed your grandfather, it could prevent you from ever being born, which means you could’ve never gone back…

    …BUT, even weirder, some believe that time has aself-healing quality that protects it from such paradoxes. So, if you tried to kill your grandfather, you’d always fail.

    Speaking of time travel… if we haven’t already been visited by people from the future yet, does that mean time travel will never be invented?

    And on that note: If the universe is so big and old, there must be a good chance that extraterrestrials exist out there who are far more advanced than us. SO WHERE ARE THEY??


    Why is water cheaper than diamonds, since humans need water, not diamonds, to survive?
    If everyone tries to save during a recession, aggregate demand will fall and the population's total savings will be lower.
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  5. There's only a logical paradox if you assume that what the crocodile "should" do is stick to his promise. However, since we already know that the father's guess is correct, we know that the crocodile will indeed not return the child. Therefore, it must be the case that the crocodile "should" not return the child. That makes sense, since I'm pretty sure it's a bigger sin to break the laws of metaphysics than to break a promise.
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  6. There is no contradiction. While stating that is not an entrance or exit, they are not contradicting one another.
    Because the supply of diamonds is being artificially controlled, whereas water is far easier to access in first world countries where there is demand for diamonds.
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  7. At least from my point of view on the universe, the only objects or entities that we can prove assuredly exist are objects which are of abstract origins in which we make rules governing them and then place them into the world we deem the physical world. By my logic, a triangle is real because we have created theorems governing how a triangle functions and what a triangle can and can not be down to the last point but humans are not as we have not been able to successfully identify enough laws of our own nature to prove that we exist. Along with this logic brings a paradox, at least to me.

    If we have no proof that us humans actually exist but we have enough proof to claim that triangles actually exist...

    ... Is a triangle made out of people lying down on the ground in such a way that it forms the triangle perfectly, is the triangle unable to be proven as existing or are the people within the triangle proven to exist?

    Like I said, this is just a personal paradox from my views or reality, but it's a paradox nonetheless... which also makes it a paradox technically as I have stated clearly that it is a paradox for me but if someone claims that it is not a paradox due to a difference in outlook on the universe, then it both is and is not a paradox.
  8. I tried this, very interesting. My cat was not too happy about it though :p

    So what you are saying is kind of like solipsism, in saying nothing can be proven to exist outside of one's own mind.
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  9. Yeah, kinda
  10. There was a really good riddle from the Elder Scrolls 3 that uses a good paradox thing. I probably can't remember it good enough to quote it here.