[Theme Park] Tri-Res Theme Park

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  1. Coming soon...
    To see the Theme park, head to 1778,1984 and 1777

    PSA: Be wary of K's


    Mirr0r - 1r

  2. Attractions & Rides:

    The Roller Coaster

    Lotto Maze


    Pixel Art
  3. Changelog:

    12/31/13: Started Pyro Jack pixel art
    8/29/14: Added Fireworks to the pit fall [Roller Coaster]
    8/31/14: Expand the track to the third residence and added roofing [Roller Coaster]
    Finished Pro Jack pixel art [Pixel Art]
    9/1/14: All but one track is connected,since I'm running out of rupees... [Roller Coaster]
  4. Where is this? (going to be)
  5. It is located at 1778,1984 and 1777...
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  6. *Update* Changelog
  7. The Roller Coaster is coming soon!!!
  8. *Update* Added a banner (Will be replaced soon...)