#TheDress (MInecraft Animation)

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  1. I made an animation about that infamous dress that people are debating about what color it is.

    So, I revealed it's TRUE color!

    What do you think?
  2. Talent.
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  3. Amazing.
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  4. "its green son"
  5. Yes, I should have been clearer, you'd need to upload something EMC related King :)
  6. Hmm..

    I might think about dumping $400 on YT stuff...
  7. How did you do it?
  8. That's awesome! Hope to see some more cool animations like this ;)
  9. Why?

    If its to make animations, just go and download Blender or get the student version of Maya.
  10. Well, at the moment the YT team isn't too hard to get into and I will probably do animations later on.