TheDarkModRises, Crystaldragon, and The_Boulder Head's

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  1. Im buying these staff heads if you have them please message me on the game or forums not on this page if you have another staff head that i might not have at 9814 smp4 then message on game or forums...

    Im buying TheDarkModRises for 500k, less Crystaldragon13 for 150k or less, The_Boulder for 750k or less, reg IceCreamCow head (non promo) for 300k or less, a Baradar67 for 300k or less, highlancer54 head 200k or less, iamcavie head for 200k or less, btw you can name all your prices higher is fine i just prefer my prices
  2. And heres the expensive head guy ^_^
  3. the boulder is more expensive
  4. yes and i got his lols thankfully he agreed to 650k instead of 750k not him a player
  5. now if you don't know who the staff are click there users in the 1st post it might work on this reply
  6. I don't think there are any JustinGuy heads in existence. He stopped playing before head drops were added. There maybe some thrown at drop parties by admins/senior staff, but too my knowledge, there aren't any.
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  7. I can confirm that there are no legitimate JustinGuy heads in existence :)
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  8. cool i wasn't sure so i put it up there anyway but i need to know what his head look like CLONE IT > : D
  9. ba-ba-bump contact me on the forums grr got ban for something minor i should be back by tomorrow
  10. there are no highlancer heads.
  11. I have one that is currently loaned to finch_rocks_1
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  12. I meant none that anyone is selling.
  13. XD I'm still trying =P
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  14. got unban already ok so i can buy heads again so right now I'm just looking for IceCreamCow Baradar67 highlancer54 and iamcavie's head
  15. Anyone want to donate?
  16. grr the picture didn't show