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  1. We've finally found a new place, a place where we can call home, we being Me, Gary, Timothy and Tom. That's right we all made it, It took a long time to get here and we had to travel so very far, fight for our lives, build are friendships up to be stronger so we could be stronger. We lost so much throughout our journey, we will never forget what we had to give up, what was taken from us. We will never forget the things we have seen, the things we have had to do. That will always be are past, but here, here we all see a bright future. The Empire! Here we have friends, not enemies, we can keep what is are's and never worry about it being taken away. We have something here and so will the people to come, for this place will stand tall for many years! and hopefully, hopefully are story will live on in this place after we depart, hopefully everyone will be remembered for who they are and the kindness they show everyday. I'm sure everyone has a story to tell and everyone wants to hear about it, so I'm going to tell our story. I guess I should start from the beginning.

    Mother and Farther worked hard to put food on the table for me and my two younger sisters Chloe and Annabel. We didn't have much, just a small house on the edge of a dark oak forest, we had small farms on the side of the house which grew all year round and a orchard which gave the juiciest of apples no matter what whether condition. It was paradise for me and my family. Until one night. There was a horrible storm, our gardens got torn up and the forest near by started howling in pain as the trees were uprooted and the wildlife was being flung into the bark of the forest at incredible speeds. My family was scared, we knew we would survive the storm but whether we could come back from the mass landscaping that was being forced on our home area was beyond our judgement. We just sat tight and waited. A few hours into the storm we started hearing some strange noises outside, farther went to check what it was. As he stood at the window looking outside at the stormy night you could see his skin turn pale and the light and hope in him disappear in a instant. We called for him, asking what it was, if he was alright, if we would be alright, He didn't answer. Slowly me my mother and my sisters walked over to the window and stood beside my farther and what we saw would have made anyone lose hope in life. It was the undead! Zombies and Skeletons all walking around in the storm like it was nothing to them, we were terrified. We had heard stories about them but they never bothered us and are small house. We were so far out of civilization that they must seen no point in bothering us, what could we have that they want? As we stood watching them at the window no one said anything, but suddenly we heard banging at our door. It was them! They must have seen us through another window and now they were coming to kill us. My mother and farther quickly told us to go upstairs and hide until this was over, I took my sisters hands and pulled them up stairs and straight into our parents bedroom. It wasn't long before we heard our front door being broke down and the scream of our parents as they perished to the walking dead army. We could hear the creaking of our stairs, we knew it was them, who else could it be? I opened the bed room window and climbed out if it and landed on the wet grass below. I told my sisters to jump and I'll catch them but they were too slow. I saw the dead take them from the window whilst they were screaming, that ended shortly after. I ran and ran and ran so far. I dont even know in what direction, it was hard to keep track in the storm. Eventually I found shelter near the bottom of a cliff edge, I couldn't tell if I was crying or if that was just rain water on my face. I sat there for a while, thinking about what had just happened trying to come to terms with the truth. But my luck of having some peace had to run out, They had found me, the undead. This is it, I thought. I just closed my eyes and waited until it was over, but all of a sudden I heard a hissing come from above me. Creepers! They jump down in between the dead and I, they killed a few but scared most away. I wasn't sure if I should trust them but they meant me no harm they took me back to their village in the near by jungle and that's where I stayed until I was 16, that was only earlier this year.
    It was great there, peaceful, calm. No undead messed with a creeper. I was safe. The creepers made me my own house and they taught me how to fight, how to craft, build, everything that I would need to know to live in the survival lands,they even gave me a nickname, The_Cupa_Creeper. This seems all great and everything but living there created problems for me and other creepers. You see there was this one Creeper, lets call him Gain, because all he wanted to do was gain power. Gain hatted me, he hatted humans, I had to put up with so much grief from him for years it was getting unbearable. One night he decided to get rid of me, he killed their grand master and blamed it on me. The creepers turned on me, all blinded by sorrow and anger, they cornered me just like the dead did many years ago but this time I didn't cower I stood strong ready to fight back, I knew I wouldn't make it but I wasn't going down without a fight. Shortly after I started killing the few creepers that I did I managed to run to my house grab what I needed and make a break for the exit of the village. When I got there I saw that it was no good, they were waiting for me. I tried to explain that I wasn't to blame, they didn't listen. I was dead. This was really it I thought. But just as if my life was a broken record something saved me, not a creeper but a cat. I know, a stupid little cat. Something the creepers brought me up to fear. He stood in front of me and led me through the crowd of creepers as they departed to the sides. I was free, Something so scary just saved me from the thing that once did the same.
    A few weeks had past and me and the cat were still together, I decided to call the cat Timothy shortly after my rescue. We found this cave that we set up in and that's also where we met Gary. Now I should point out that Gary is only a scull now. When we found him he was long dead, but he had a letter with him that read:
    'Dear Gary,
    I'm sorry that my family forced me to move away and I couldn't tell you about my departure, but I want you to know that I love you, and that will never change. Also I am happy to announce that I'm pregnant, you're going to be a farther. I only just found out a few days ago and I couldn't let you not be with us when the child is born. Here are our coordinated X:21452 Y:72 Z:24854. My farther will kill me if he found out I gave these to you, but when you get here he wont be be able to stop you from being around. Come quick, I love you.
    Signed Connie <3'
    We never found out what killed Gary but we new it would be too late for him to reunite with his love so we took his head. Not to be cruel but it was the only part of him still movable without breaking and this way he can still see the many wonderful things in the world, his adventure lives on.
    A few months later we were in danger again, the dead had found us I tried to fight as many off as I possible could but it seemed hopeless, that's where Tom comes into the story. He turned up on a horse and fought of the dead, me and him worked well together in battle and soon became good friends. I soon learned a lot about him. One of the first things was names of course I told him that he could call me Jade, Cupa, Or The_Cupa_Creeper and he told me that I could call him Tom, Hex or Hexcorpe. I introduced Timothy and Gary to him as he introduced his horse to me, His name was Maiden. I told my story, he told his. Turns out his Mother and Farther left him with his grandparents at a young age, but they sadly died to the horrors of the undead just like my parents did. We soon released that Everyone got along great. It wasn't long before me and Tom fell in love. Nothing too serious but it was enough to get us by. We came to the quick conclusion that we had to find a place to call home. Tom told stories of a place he was heading when he first found me and my friends. He spoke of a heavenly place called The Empire, It seems unreal. But what did we have to lose. We set of in the direction that Tom's compass pointed and are journey began.
    We finally found a new place, a place where we could call home, we being Me, Gary, Timothy and Tom. That's right we all made it, It took a long time to get there and we had to travel so very far, fight for our lives, build are friendships up to be stronger so we could be stronger. We lost so much throughout our journey, we will never forget what we had to give up, what was taken from us. We will never forget the things we have seen, the things we have had to do. That will always be are past, but here, here we all see a bright future.

    Heyy! I'm Jade, Or Cupa....well you got the idea in the story.
    I hid real facts in the story about me, if you care enough you'll find them, just like I found the Empire. Its good to be here and I hope to make many friends. Remember, Love you, Mean it! <3
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  2. Holy crap! Either you are a fast typer or you sat in front of a screen for a long time :p good story btw! ;)
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  3. Hahaha I'm glad you like it :)
    I sat here for a while but not too long. I already had the story roughly worked out in my head. :)
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  4. Mmmm planning ahead is good :D
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  5. Yeah your right also, I'll have to come by some time and see your mall if thats okay?, I'm on SMP9 if you want to come meet Gary,Timothy,Maiden or me. Tom is a real person so not sure if he'll be there.
  6. Welcome to the Empire Jade. Enjoy your stay. :) btw, great story. ;)
  7. Welcome to EMC! That was a great story! And Im on my phone reading this. So, It took me like 7 minutes to read this Lol.
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  8. My dear creeper,

    wow, that came out wrong ;) ha ha ;)

    anyway, loved your post up there. I can't decide if you're venting a wee bit of frustration (like I did when I first joined) or just wrote up a good post. What I do know though is that I like it :) In fact; if you liked it too (I'm also a writer myself at times and also take pleasure in writing) then do keep our writers corner in mind. The perfect place for story telling!

    Alas ;) hope you're going to have a great time here and.. yah; for more stories :)
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  9. I've copied the story over to the writers corner, thank you for telling me about that. Oh and to put your mind at ease I wasn't venting at all. I just wanted to be creative and give me as The_Cupa_Creeper a back story. I thought it would be fun and I definitely enjoyed Writing it. ^-^
  10. Maybe you should apply for Contrib team... ;-;
  11. What's that?
    Sorry if asking seems a little stupid? ^-^
  12. It's fine, the Contrib team (aka Contribution team) is the team which makes posts to the EMC Blog and update the EMC Wiki. (You seem like you have good English, and make long posts so you'd be good I think)
  13. Well I'm glad I have good English since I'm British xD <------- Forget it xD
    But yeah, thank you I will think about it for sure.
  14. I don't get it, just because you're British doesn't mean you are just automatically better in grammar.. ;-;
  15. Sure! Once it is done though.... :p
  16. Hahaha thats not what I meant. Doesn't matter I meant nothing bad by it I just want to make that clear. :)
  17. Okay great! Tell me when and I'll stop by :)
  18. Might be a while........ =P
  19. Hahaha well I cant wait, Im sure it will be good when its done so its worth the time it takes :)
  20. Wow, this sure beats the Uber_Corq story!

    "I was bored, so I looked up Minecraft servers, and found EMC. No one died. The End." :p