The_Cupa_Creeper after story location.

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  1. I do realize that this probably wont get many views but I thought for the few people who may be interested. I wrote a role play backstory story for my introduction to the forum and the server, I put real facts about me into the story but I acted like Minecraft was the real world and The_Cupa_Creeper was a real person who isn't made up of code. The characters that I met on my journey to the empire are technically real and at my new house. If you haven't guessed I enjoy role play so that's how the story idea started and how I'm basing my time on EMC.

    Story link:
    Home res number: 19205 on smp9

    (Come check out the place if you are interested, but you may want to read the short story before so you can really experience the residence for its intended purposes.)


    (Just a little bit of the house from the res ;) so much more to see)