The zolara platform on smp9

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  1. As some already no my platform has been taken down due to recent event 2 of my reses went derelict and got reset. 1 of them contained the finish for the "Lost Foreset Maze" and the start of the "Heaven Maze"

    So i thought time for a fresh start. So i tore down the reset and saved what i wanted and have started my rebuild you can expect bigger and better builds to come to my 16 res plot.

    Visit 18313 on smp9 if you want to see the start of them
  2. I anticipate to see what you will be building. You are by far one of my favorite builders on the Empire!
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  3. How did you get a 16 res plot?
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  4. He got alts, and claimed 16 residences to make up a massive area in which he can build in.

    Sounds great Deathtomb, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve this time. :)
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  5. What he said and thanks south!
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  6. :D this is gonna be epic
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  7. 4th wall started see how many i can get done tonight
  8. Can't wait to see this! I love your builds! :D