The "You Can Only Dig In Your Own Res" Message

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  1. I'm sure you guys have gotten a little irritated with this when you're using an efficiency enchanted pick or shovel to dig out your res. The Eff tools move so fast that by the time you realize you've hit town dirt, you already have a dozen town messages spamming your chat, which makes it really hard to see unless you have a ton of torches up. You have to wait for them to fade away, rinse and repeat.

    We should figure out a way to make this less irksome while still letting people who don't know any better that they're trying to dig outside their res. Here are my suggestions

    1. Extend the amount of time between each message to like 30 seconds or a minute. (Already thought of, I'm sure)

    2. Have a feature that lets you toggle this message. Like I said, new people don't know any better, so maybe only certain people can toggle the message. People who have been on the empire for more than 200 days or maybe make it a Supporter feature. Or even a feature you have to pay for.

    While we're at it, maybe we could apply this to those tips that randomly show up in chat?
  2. Those messages are the most annoying thing ever. Your ideas are amazing.
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  3. The one thing I know as a beginner programmer, is when you print to a screen sadly not implemented in Minecraft is you can continue onto a printed statement by using a semicolon.

    For example in Microsoft Visual Basic 2006:
    Print "Blah " ;
    Print "lawl"

    Would show like:
    Blah lawl
    Either that or I have seen in some servers (Not SAYING which) it will do a [x2]/[x3]/and so on after a command like that would be shown to a user.

    You can toggle tips with a command, I forgot what it is, however it is there.

    You have a good idea on your hands Arty and it would not be too difficult to implement. Good luck to you :)
  4. Tips that randomly show up in chat can be turned off. See the Empire Guide for more info. As for the messages, personally I don't mind them and it lets me know when I've reached the edge. I'll let the community debate about it now. :)
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  5. Its a great idea, and it would be great if this was implemented.
  6. It's happened to me a few times... but my hand eye coordination is generally quick enough to catch it after about 4/5 :)

    In the wild, you can dig almost anywhere!!!! :eek:
  7. Yeah, I don't mean get rid of them completely. Just give certain users who already know their res limits (or at least can figure out why the block they're trying to break keeps returning xP) the ability to toggle it on and off. xP
  8. I was using a eff 4 shovel and held the button. When i looked back it was up to 1k messages(When they had the x503)
  9. I've also found this obnoxious.

    It can scroll away legitimate messages, and fill up the screen quickly. It's just distracting and unnecessary.

    I think that a simple check if the message was sent to that player in the past 30 seconds would be awesome. Is there any disadvantage to doing this?
  10. You could just do

    blahblahblahblahdontdothat x57

    like the message thats telling you not to do that then a x(thenanumber) for how many times it came up
  11. That would have to be a client-side mod, as I don't think a server can modify a message already sent. Also, what difference does it make how many times the message was sent?