The Worth of a Head

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  1. A player's head is an interesting item. It's a rare drop, a decoration, a crafting ingredient (fireworks) and a keepsake. It's unique to you and as rare or common as you decide to make it. Some people charge, some give it away. Some treat them like trading cards and collector's pieces, others as toys, and sometimes as furniture. On SMP8, corruptedsmile even has a Head Parkour course.

    But how do you actually gauge the value of your head? The simplest answer of course is, "It's worth whatever I say it is," and this is true to a degree. After all, you're the only one who can give it out. Rarity plays its part as well - if you farm your head day and night to make a chest full and give them to anyone who asks - or even those that don't - then it's a fair assumption you place a low "value" on your own likeness. And then there's status - the head of a mod or admin is generally considered "more valuable" than that of your average player, because of their role in the community. One might also consider demand - if everyone wants to place your face among their collection, it would be considered more valuable.

    So how "valuable" is your face? How do you evaluate the worth of your own head? Do you charge for it, or give it away freely - or both?

    "Priceless," in the most literal sense. I have never charged for my head, and never will - I assign no rupee value to my likeness.
    When heads were first introduced, I gave a few out to friends when they asked, but quickly began to see a "why them and not me?" mentality cropping up. Since I was unwilling to farm my face for everyone who asked, to avoid drama I simply stopped giving my head out altogether except for special events such as my 500th-Day celebration.
  2. Heads are pretty much all worth different, depending on how known and how liked a play is.
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  3. And which version, when it comes to the ICC heads. Whether it be the 2 custom ones, or the 6/7 normal ones.
  4. Oh I absolutely realize that. :) I'm interested in discussing how you as a player evaluate the worth of your own head. Hence why I shared mine in the spoiler tag.

    LamarRamal pointed out something interesting, which seems to be true at least for SMP8, and quite possibly the other servers. Newer players, once they realize they can give their head out at all, tend to do so freely, volunteering it to every head-wall they hear about and every person they meet. More "veteran" players give them less frequently, or charge for them. Sometimes both - I think some players set an exceptionally high value (6k, 10k, etc) simply to avoid giving their heads out to people they don't wish to have one.

    I actually went looking for a discussion like this before posting it and found there really wasn't one.
  5. ive traded my head to a senior staff, sold one for an emc firework and dropped one in mobarena, all the ones that are in circulation are the only ones in existence so it has a rarity factor. also im sort of well known as well. ive decided like you said to only give them out for special occasions so they hold their value
  6. Well mine has blood...
    ...surely that adds value.
  7. When heads first came out I killed myself over and over again and gave them to anyone who asked. But only Cordial heads. Only one person has A IcecreamFudge or a Zoebearfun105 head.
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  8. I've only given mine to close friends or for head displays/museums really. I haven't been out farming my face to hand out to everyone :p
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  9. I havnt given mine out either :). but kephras, I do expect one of hours sir. I have set one to the side for you.
  10. how do you get a players head? or your own? :p
  11. They can drop at your death-points as a rare item. :)
  12. Actually depending on if your skin is custom or not, any player could get anothers head if they just use that skin.
  13. I've given four heads to samsimx.. :p

    I think Agent_Notch has my 5th head. :D
  14. as far as fake heads go heads change the moment the players skin is changed even if it has been placed and renamed items have a different text than normal items. that includes heads.
  15. oh yeah and to the value my own head question. i only give my head to friends or projects i like. though i have given some to non friends when heads came out.
  16. Popularity comes in here
  17. People ask for a head. I give them the option. They ask how much. I say whatever you want. So it spends on that person who is buying to determine my value.
  18. No, they could get a head that looks like that other player's. :)
    It's true you could obtain fake heads if all you were concerned about was the appearance, but I'm really only talking about legit heads that you've created and given/sold yourself.
    *For the record, my own skin is indeed custom, but this is why I include a signed book with my "Tiger Mask," as a way to verify its authenticity.
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  19. I've saved mine for friends only and as part of the deal I also get theirs in return.

    I made a bit of a fuss when I was getting them with some friends. I made sure they knew my terms and one started picking mine up and keeping them. I think I hurt his feelings by asking for them back and saying they were only to trade with friends, but his actions were unfriend-like.

    If he had simply asked it would have turned out differently. It's not like I'm maintaining an exclusive club or anything. Of course, telling him that would have changed things too, and he has to figure it out on his own.
  20. I have a shop chest set at my randomly chosen number 777r, and they have indeed sold
    But, closer to the release of player heads I gave 10 or so away to the players mainly on smp8 who were constantly starting up their new head museums