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  1. Welcome to The Wood Shoppe's official forum thread!
    The Wood Shoppe is a smp9 based shop located at 19359.

    Mission Statement: The cheapest wood on the empire! To provide easy access to all types of wood the most convent way in the cheapest way possible. We have the lowest price per stack of all wood guaranteed! If someone sells for better we'll beat them! To also see each and every evil mega mall burn to ashes. (muahahahahah)

    Prices: 100r per stack

    Current Inventory: Oak logs

    Whats next?: Spruce Logs!

    PM drowpassed for questions about bulk ordering.

    Questions, comments, concerns post here!

    Happy day!
  2. Great idea!
  3. Very good idea!
    The main point is reliable supply - along with just the right pricing.
    If you can organize that, it will work very well.
    Think also about bulk sellers and bulk buyers.
  4. Good idea I agree @M4nic_M1ner about the bulk buyers and sellers
  5. If you think wood's your thing-Consider a supply company, because EMC needs another as the existing ones are swamped with orders and wood's high in demand
  6. The Wood Shoppe is currently opening its doors for a test preview of the store. You can visit the us on smp9 at residence 19359 or drowpassed-4.

    Can a mod please change the title of this forum to just {The Wood Shoppe 19359}
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  7. Do you think you would be able to also stock pine logs in the future?
  8. that is the goal, I plan to expand the shop to support all six types of logs!
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  9. updated forum page, currently taking bulk orders OAK ONLY