The Wierd Side of YouTube

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  1. I know, I know. There are probably half a million wierd sides of YouTube. As with every other part of the Internet. But YouTube has got some pretty weird stuff. Honestly.

    (If you are looking for wierd channels is a good place to start)

    That one is a "classic" so to speak, like salad fingers :3
    I encourage you all to link some other wierd videos!
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  2. Oh, no, what awful path of spiralling madness have you just sent me down? T_T

    In return, I suppose Jingle Cats is a good one:

    Also, everyone, remember this is a family-friendly server when you post your weird videos of choice. For example, Salad Fingers would not be okay. :p
  3. Bump!
    Yes I know I am 21 minutes early >.<
  4. Remember everyone... General chat rules apply to this thread. This includes the videos linked to the thread. I have seen some of these videos before and I can never unsee them.
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