The Weirdest Thing I Have Ever Seen In Minecraft

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  1. So, there I was, trying to find an overground lava lake, and I find THIS:
    It was naturally generated, I didn't make it. No joke.
    Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 2.21.37 PM.png
  2. Lol, just sand being sand xD
  3. In the weirdest formation ever.
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  4. Yup :p
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  5. Oh my god it's Jesus. See what I did there? " oh my god". " Jesus" I thought that was witty
  6. And if you look closely at the image, beyond Sir Galahad's shield, you can see the Holy Hand Grenade in mid-fuse, with "The Rabbit" launched, and near-ready to kill Poor Michael Palin...
  7. You will sometimes see this kind formation in caves. Its not very common though.
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  8. It isn't sand.... it's someone else
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  9. My friend says that if you dig in the very center of it straight down you'll find a single diamond. I'm not joking you. This is reall factoid stuff from the mouth of my $$ year old friend. ( I'm not supposed to put his age shhhhh.)
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  10. :D
  11. Oh... My... God. He's right. There IS a diamond! In fact, a vein of about 9!
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  12. I once found a naturally generated 5 block cactus.
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  13. Same with me. Except it was a 5 block high sugarcane.
  14. See. No one ever listens to me. Not my mom not my dad not my sister not my dog. Not my teacher not my principle not my therapist. I can go on and on and on and on. I am so sorry. I didn't take my ADHD pills today. I feel...happy
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  15. Ya know, if you dig about 32 blocks left of the diamond ore (on my world, at least) there is an abandoned mineshaft! And, if you turn the corner and walk down, you see a chest. Inside that chest, there are 2 diamonds, 3 emeralds, and 13 gold!
  16. You probably should then.
  18. Ahh it's not worth it now. Take a while to kick in
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  19. :eek: Gotta find the in EMC :D
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  20. It looks like a cape ^_^
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