The Weird Side of YouTube

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  1. You have experienced it. I have found a video that I cannot even understand.
    This does contain a few possible swears; viewer discretion is advised.

  2. Ok... this is really WEIRD

    Edit: First
  3. Cordial, I am concerned about what you search on YouTube :confused:
    My brain hurts after watching that....
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  4. I love the weird side of YouTube. It's where the best videos are.
  5. God wtf is going on in this thread....
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  6. Example 2: Viewer Discretion may be advised.
  7. She gets udders?:confused:
  8. I just knew that was going to make its way in here...
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  9. Ok this is my last one for the night...

  10. Didn't think I'd actually be posting a video here but why not

  11. :p
  12. Now Im worried about Enraged Cows....
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  13. Is it a problem that I understand these videos? :|
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  14. I once went to the weird side of YouTube. I never came back to the normal side :D
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  15. Man I forgot what that was called, I saw this a few years back OMG good times aha
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  16. Finally a funny vid:p
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  17. No. Is it a problem that I have the strong desire to leave this thread and never come back?
  18. Yes. And also, you have to face your problems.
  19. Since everyone loved the cows, lets have a look at sheep
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