The Weekly Dragonia Quest!

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  1. Introduction:
    The weekly dragonia event is an event which is inspired by chrisisaboss' and albino polar bear's event, the weekly nature walk. I have twisted some of the elements and rules.

    How to apply:
    Meet me at spawn at one of the three times I do the event at.

    Aim of the game:
    Everybody must defend the dragon (me), and this goes on until I get killed, or until there is just 1 person left to defend me. Armour is allowed to be crafted, but you have limited time do so as the game is extremely fast paced.

    Time 1: 4:00PM GMT (SMP3) Monday
    Time 2: 6:00PM GMT (SMP5) Monday
    Time 3: 8:00PM GMT (SMP2) Monday

    I have tried my best to make the timezones meet everybody's needs (including mine) but sometimes it may not be possible. Also note that these are my free hours during the day after school.
  2. First one will be next week ;)
  3. And then you say you quit?
  4. how do u get killed>?
  5. A pity we cannot start at the Dragonia Hotel anymore...
  6. What's the Dragonia Hotel?
    Quit? I believe I mean temporarily banned, not quit. I'll get an unban on friday. Promise.
    Get shot by a skeleton. Eaten by a zombie. Blown up by a creeper. Fall damage. Fire.
    Or you just get lost.
  7. Thats what i ment ;)
  8. Yeah, just a little break I requested from ICC.
  9. Good. I was like, "Whoa, SoulPunisher got banned? He behaves..." XD

    EDIT: Where did you get that nebula sprite? I wish that was an alt that was put in, not like the colors, but the alt blacks and vines... but I digress.
  10. It's a hotel that once stood on Utopia. It was built by Eclipsys.
    As it was unused - not many people come to Utopia - and Eclipsys and
    MR2R2M (owner of the res) were in a bad mood, the thing got blasted by tnt,
    and reset afterwards. End of story about Dragonia Hotel.
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