The Wedding of Krysyy and Mman

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  1. It started at about 2am EMC time Saturday morning, I was minding my own business when Krysyy said something along the lines of "well I'm on smp8, Isn't someone gonna marry me?" Lots of people volunteered then over the Broadcast system she said, "first person to -5000,5000 gets to marry me with Alexchance officiating." Naturally I checked if I had a horse and headed to the frontier.

    after about 2 feet I realized, I was in the middle of an ocean with no boat. Then I saw it, About 20 blocks away, a single stray boat. I rushed towards it and was on my way for about 20 minutes I rode just hoping to be first. Then I saw that small parcel of land in the middle of the open ocean. I ran to the center of the island and who do I see? Krysyy and Alex. Shorly after roslyn arrived whom I dubbed my best man.

    We were about to start the ceremony when my ex wife the Marlix showed up. Lucky krysyy is an admin and she killed it without even batting an eye. I then suggested we head back to town so others could view the happy event without a long trek. The others agreed and Rosyln and I headed for a lake to commit suicide together. Once I died my head dropped and Roslyn decided to keep it. and swim all the way back.

    Once back in town Krysyy displayed a message to the server and we exchanged vows.

    My Vows:

    Krysyy's Vows

    Afterwards for a reception I gave away 105k with Trivia. Thanks Krysyy for making this server great and for marrying me.:p
  2. That's great!
  3. Congrats!
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  4. I honestly can't say to be happy or not...

    Isn't Kryssy married already and DrMadFate put soo much work making a chapel for the actual married couple? If so man kryssy being a baller here lol
  5. Found a site that lets me upload pictures.
  6. I cried, I saw you from the top of /town
  7. What a beautiful story... :rolleyes:

    Congratulations! :p
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  8. He then showed up halfway through the ceremony with my head on :p
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  9. Hmmm... Looks like the SMP8-virus only worsened :D
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  10. That is dedication on his behalf xD Such a beautiful story... I'm starting to well up... :')
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  11. Meanwhile on SMP2, ignoramoose be like

    Run while you still can, Mman. Take your bride off into the sunset and honeymoon in a beautiful yet inconspicuous island in the middle Atlantic.
  12. I am glad to have read a bit more of the backstory on why this event kicked off the way it did. I read an announcement late at night on /SMP7 - and decided to attend.

    I got some screens of the night as well:

    I also took screens of all the text, vows, and other funny statements made... but you posted that majority already. However, I thought it would be cool to post some screens from my prospective:

    And the "blockie" (minecraft selfie?) - to cap it off:

    Next time I want to race to distant biomes for a BRIDE!
  13. Fate did wut now?
  14. krysyy is engaged in real life, not yet married so... fair game?
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  15. Krysyy and Mman may the love never separate you.
  16. -dies-