The Wall Is Going Up On Smp4

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Should We Have A Contest For The NAME Of The City?

Yes 37 vote(s) 74.0%
No 13 vote(s) 26.0%
  1. That's right. It took my family and our friends on Smp4 1 Year 6 Months and 16 Days to see this vision begin on Smp4.
    We started with a group of kids who loved that we had a little square of lots and wanted to join us. We grew from 4 to 12 once we started realizing that the players WANTED a project of this size.
    Soon others would come. Firelor was followed by Chickeneer and ImParanoid after that.
    Our groups would change and players would go, but in the end we have literally HUNDREDs of DC's of materials in which to begin this Massive Project!
    Now you are all invited to the Unveiling....
    She is tall and majestic and elegant and bold.... She will house a city dedicated to the most amazing set of servers ever to become a part of MineCraft. She will hold...... {To Be Announced}.... A Memorial City to the Empire!

  2. First
    Looks great! I'll try to donate some more materials!
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  3. I knew that was
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  4. Good job! :)
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  5. I may now come back to town on SMP4 again :D Looking great :)
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  6. Why Thank You! :) We would love to see you again too...
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  7. Donated rupees :D
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  8. Is it possible is i can help build? I really like to help :D (ive never been banned for griefing) lol...
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  9. Come and start hanging out with the crew and they will find you things to do soon. We are making sure the plan is perfect and that the count is right.... THEN... We build the whole thing! :)
  10. As always, looks great! Can't wait to see the finished product!
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  11. You are needed on Builder Duty Mr... report in to Chickeneer please... :)
  12. Wow I love that design!
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  13. Just came back from a mining trip :D got like 61 quartz that i am willing to donate :cool:
    (after many failed trips and burned picks/armour)
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  14. Looks good to me. Something familiar about it though...
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  15. r0bbie! I have been waiting for you to tell me to go do something... I'm waiting for you to tell me what the heck you want me to do! Just send me a PM and i'll do it! (I have nothing, remember?) So any tools/equipment I'll have to go buy, not sure if I have enough rupees to do so, however. I guess I need to go vote... lol
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  16. Go to 8100 and tell OB1 that you want to help... you 2 figure out what you want to do then he will hook you up :)
  17. Kephras... you are my Dream Come True... THANK YOU for helping me get what I was looking for into reality... She is absolutely Gorgeous! :)
  18. Well I just got word that our AMAZING Sr Moderator ShaunWhite1982 is going to be putting the arches over the streets for as As We Build The Wall...
    Can we all take a minute and thank him whenever you happen to be online and he is there.... :)
    Thank You ICC for believing in us! We won't let ya down!
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  19. Everyone do Zeee Bump...

    And Momma Get Ready for........ The Name Game(aka picking city name)
  20. Looks really nice Robbie! This looks like it will be a HUGE success!
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