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    What are you guys looking forward to in the new episodes to come?
  2. An actual show. :p
  3. I want to know what happened to Judith.
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  4. I enjoy watching this playthrough of the game, but I tried watching the show and just didnt like it. :(
  5. A lot of people say the quality of the show is deteriorating, but I don't think it is. I cannot wait for it to come back, it feels like forever since I've last watched it :p
  6. More zombies exploding.
  7. I have been rewatching all the seasons to refresh my head, the sucky part is I have to wait 2 days to watch it coz they dont have amc on bell :'(
  8. Netflix FTW
  9. ._. I have been wanting to know what happens for the past 2 months its driving me crazy....
  10. I saw an interview with the actor who plays Rick. He said from here on in, TWD is going to be much more dark than anything they've done so far. Not a lot of 'happy/safe' times in the near future.
  11. Erm. Erm.

    More Daryl and Rick. I love them :D

    These past two months have driven me crazy. And so will this next week. Those of us in the UK get it on Fridays after its shown in the US, unfortunately :(
  12. Sweet
  13. I really enjoy the TV show but if you like the show like I do then read the comics they are 10x better :D and also hopefully Telltale should be announcing episode 2 of the game do 3x the walking dead soon :D
  14. Seen the first season, but I wait for em to come out on DVD.
    No commercials = better!
    I have not had the time to watch the rest of the seasons yet, but I love me some zombies!

    Now, to go out and purchase the next seasons!
  15. Can't wait for the new characters of Abraham, Rosita & Eugene.

    (Just an FYI...if you click the links I've listed, you may see some SPOILERS for the show or comic at your own risk)

    Hoping for an arc involving The Hunters (from the comics) and I'm guessing that is the darker direction Andrew Lincoln and other cast members have been talking about the show going. The St Johns Dairy Farm from the Telltale game would be wicked as well. That was a brutal sequence in that game and could translate to the show pretty well if they decided to incorporate elements of that into The Hunters.

    I'm thinking they're going to do something along the lines of the Ben & Billy story from the comics but subbing in the little girls Carol was making into psychopaths.

    I think Tyreese finds Carol. Rick didn't get to tell him what Carol did before the Governor showed up in the mid-season finale. I get this feeling they're going to meet up.

    And I'm a big easter egg guy and the more I see, the more I wonder if Negan or at least the idea of Negan shows up this season. It would seem a little quick, seeing as they just got over the Governor, but they seem to be dropping hints that he's around.

    It has been a long wait for the 2nd half of the ready for it to start.
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  16. They hit their stride towards the mid-season finale. So far this season has been one of my favorites. The quality did slip during Season 3, especially the early Governor storyline. I loved how they brought him into Season 4 and how the prison arc ended.
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  17. I seen that too :p I can't stand hearing him with his normal accent >.>

    Also, guess who might be meeting the actor of The Governor next week :D
  18. miley sires?
  19. I was watching the new trailer on Fox the other day and it said something along the lines of: "find sanctuary" so from that I was guessing along the lines of the saviors but I cant wait only 4 days for the UK and 3 for the US.
  20. OMG!!!!! :O I will stay up all night!!!