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  1. Does anyone here watch The Walking Dead? im just curious because i am addictedddddd to watching it and plus the new episode comes on tonight! <3
  2. I am not a fan of the show. Some of the actors are just atrocious and the plot is horrible. It got rid of the genius of the comic books and made a show for the mass market. Everything that makes the comics good is gone; the characters in the comics were so real but the characters in the show are just overly dramatic and fake. Apparently, Robert Kirkman is the writer but I just don't understand how such an amazing writer could bastardize his own work. Sorry for the rant.
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  3. From what I am guessing, he's sort of made different realities/continuities (forget the word my husband used) for each thing he's made. The comic is amazing, sadly only read the first two or three at B-A-M but I love them. I enjoy the show but there are things about it I'm like "Why?" such as changing characters and adding in different ones. From what I've seen from videos of the game it's not even the same characters.

    It's sort of like they did with Adventure Time. The cartoon takes place in The Land of Ooo but the comics take place in a different reality.
  4. I haven't played the games (waiting for all the episodes to come out) but from what I heard they take place in the same continuity as the comics; they just focus on different characters. And Kirkman didn't write them. I think he made the show different for a couple of different reasons; the show couldn't be made true to the comic books without getting a TV-MA rating and I think he wanted to make the show more mainstream.
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  5. Love the show, can't wait for tonight
  6. Well, I haven't read the comics, but I watch the show. It's not perfect, but I do really enjoy it. I understand disliking it because it doesn't stay true to the original, though. As for the game, I've played the episodes released so far, and enjoyed them as well. Though, they're not right for everyone. They're pretty much all based on decision making, so I'd watch some gameplay footage and decide whether you're interested or not.
  7. The Walking Dead is about the only Zombie show/Comic I can stand. I haven't played the game, just seen videos and not sure I'd be into it. I'm not into the whole "Oh I'm walking along in a lovely meadow of daisies and BLAM rabid dead guy jumps up at me and makes me wet my pants."

    This is one of my issues with Resident Evil. My ex bought 4 a long time ago and I tried it out. Was walking along and BLAM dude with a chainsaw and potato sack on his head jumps out and attacks me every time it's quiet. Plus they just seem too realistic.
  8. I am not mad because they changed things; I am mad because they changed things that made the comic good.
  9. i really like TWD because its one of the only Zombie shows that actually seems real.. i know zombies arent real but in the show they dont have like super powers or anything and they cant run really and they are just plain stupid.. mindless people eating things which is the traditional zombie thing. they cant even walk down stairs lol they fall on their face. i forget i am watching a tv show when i watch it haha its so good to me. i have not read the comics however i think i will check them out, but i just love twd because of the set up and characters are pretty good for the most part and pretty cool story line.
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  10. I Love that show :)
  11. I LOVE the walking dead! Such a great story, lets me escape reality for a little under an hour every Sunday :)
  12. I never really been a fan of the series, I've seen a few episodes though.
  13. I can't recall ever enjoying a show like this, but I tried watching the first episode on Netflix about a month ago. I've really enjoyed the show and just finished the second season last night. Can't think of anything much cooler than this showing up:

    Can't wait to see what happens once I get hold of the next season.
  14. Welcome to Woodbury
  15. View attachment 9230

    I missed this episode, do you know why she has these zombies? An episode later she kills them.
  16. The mayor is nuts
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  17. I haven't seen past the first season. I need to catch up. Don't have netflix atm. I didn't care for Shane at first but the episode he beats the crap out of the womanizing hubby he got brownie points.
  18. Nobody say anything here. My episodes are on fridays, americans get them on sundays. So far i'm loving season 3, though :D
  19. Walkers don't attack other walkers, so chain them up, make it so they can't eat or grab anything, and you have yourself some fancy repellent and a way to store things.

    Also, if you want to play a game like TWD, I reccomend project zomboid.
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  20. Seems like they'd be up in your grill all the time in spite of their inability to eat you. Imagine putting one of these in a big hamster cage, or a team of them in harness and sticking a bloody carrot on a pole in front of them.
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