~~~The Voltia Market Complex @ 10449! Wood, Charcoal, Cobble and Apples for sale and hiring!

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  1. The Voltia Market Complex @ 10449 on SMP5
    How would you like a shop which sells Wood, Cobblestone, Apples and Charcoal chea
    gives away free dirt,
    lets you advertise,
    and even lets you sell at the shop from 50 Rupees?

    The Voltia Market Complex (VMC) has these all.

    With competitively low prices for our goods, free dirt by the stack that is always available, lucrative advertising space, Market Chests and Stalls available for up and coming traders, a helpdesk for anyone who needs help or wants to make a special trade, onsite tree, obsidian and stone farms and hiring at the pay of 50r per half hour, I am absolutely adamant that the VMC will soon become THE place to trade on SMP5 and soon the entire Empire.

    Coming Soon to the VMC:
    The Electric Cafe, a place to chill with Public Chests, Crafting Stations and a Portal
    A Services Floor, if you need a job done
    A Banking Floor, if you wanna keep your money safe while having access to a Safety Deposit Box and even an Empire Stock Exchange!
    A Wilderness Base, with a Mine and Farms for things which can't be farmed at the VMC
    A Nether Base, to collect Nether materials such as Glowstone, Netherrack and Soul Sand for the VMC!

    Remember, the VMC is @ 10449 on SMP5! Come over now!

    The price list may not be up to date 24/7, but I try my best ;)

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