The Video Game Music Thread

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  1. Considering my new status as a "Well-Known Member," I figured I should start a thread or two :D The title says it all - post and discuss video game music. You can also post remixes or orchestrated versions of in-game songs, but try to make sure it's video game-related (not just a regular song that just happens to be 8-bit). Better yet, post any remixes or original game music you've made!
    Besides that, obey the EMC rules and enjoy :)

    Just listening to this one makes me want to put the Sim City 3000 CD in:

    One of my favorite boss themes (Pokemon red/blue/yellow):

    A crossover with Guiles Theme (Street Fighter 2):
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  2. Just becuase... its... beast!

    This one brings back memories :)
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  3. My favorite music out of all the games i have played (Which is ALOT ;))
  4. I've never played brawl :( because I was so disappointed that they removed Roy :(
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  5. But have you played melee?
  6. Well... Roy is only in melee... so...
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  7. Roy was only in Melee... so I'd guess yes. Also, I prefer the Melee theme over the Brawl one.
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  8. I like the brawl music AND the game. But I can see why you like the melee theme too. They are both pretty good.
    Solution: Play Brawl :p Try new characters :D
  9. Already unlocked all the new characters in Brawl :p I still prefer melee because Marth kind of sucks in the new game. Don't get me wrong, Brawl is good, but I had dozens of hours of gameplay locked into Melee by the time I tried Brawl.
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  10. Yeah, true. But each game is different. So different things.
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  12. Don't have link at the moment but Two Weeks by All That Remains is freaking boss for playing most games. Especially when your in the wild on EMC. Dunno why but it's a good song.

    Strength by Abingdon Boys School is also good (It's Japanese. Don't Judge.)
  13. GO MELEE
  14. Oh... oh yes... best zelda game... EVER

    Just had to :p
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  15. I can't even get on here without my mac giving me the beach ball :eek:
  16. I declare this thread revived! (Please don't ban me :eek:) Also, keep the songs coming in - I want to hear something I've never heard before :)
    Night of Nights is a remix of "Flowering Night" from a game called "Touhou". I've never played the game, but this song is pretty intense:

    If you haven't played Antichamber, you need to buy it right now! The music/background is subtle, but it really adds to the atmosphere of the game

    Here's something that's good for studying: