The Turtle's Introduction - AMA

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  1. Hey guys! As some of you probably know, I am not "that" new. I have decided to do my introduction on my 100th day on EMC, which is today. :D (I know 100 isn't all that great of a milestone, but to me it is.) I'm also adding an AMA for the fun of it.

    So here goes; a list of things about me.

    The Good (Somewhat):
    • I'm very loyal and generous to everybody.
    • I'm very fun to be with.
    • I love to socialize.
    • I'm honest and trustworthy.
    • I take high pride in myself.
    • I love to joke. I've been told I have a good sense of humor.
    • I am logical. (I think logically.)
    • I can act really stupid and random sometimes.
    • I change my personality a lot. (It's possible!)
    The Hates and Such:
    • I hate change when it doesn't benefit me.
    • I hate being told I can't do something.
    • I hate being belittled.
    • I have lots of pet peeves.
    • I don't put up with too much stupidity, although I do put up with a lot of it anyway.
    That's about it for stuff about me. Now that you know a little bit about my real self I'll go ahead and write out a short thingy of the first thing I did on my first day on EMC and include some thank yous to people.

    My First Day EMC Experience:
    • When I found EMC I told my brother to hop online and get on it with me. (I had had him put me as his referrer.) xD We went through the tutorial together and learned about EMC... Although, I think I used the guide most of the way through.
    • Right after I finished the tutorial I didn't know much of anything. Before I found my own residence I walked around a bit and I bumped into someone's res and I clicked a sign, not knowing what I was doing. I clicked it 2 times...Well what I was really doing was buying 1 dirt for 1,000r. So I spent 2,000r on two blocks of dirt. Haha! I wasn't mad though, because I didn't really care.
    • That was about the only interesting thing I did on EMC on my first day. :p
    Thank Yous:
    • I want to thank my all my friends for keeping my experience on EMC exciting. (You all know who you are!) You guys are so awesome and I appreciate your company everyday that I am online.
    • I want to thank the moderators for keeping EMC a fun and safe place for me to spend my free time. They do a great job of keeping naughty people away so we all can have the best time we can.
    • I also want to thank Aikar for bringing awesome updates to the game for us all to enjoy. I can't imagine how hard it is to do all the coding that is needed.
    • I want to thank JustinGuy for bringing EMC to this world! Without him I wouldn't have anything to spend all my money on to support and have the best time on. lol
    • Last but not least I'd like to thank the whole of EMC's community. You guys have made EMC a great place to be overall.

    If you've read all of this I thank you so much. I know my messages can get a little long.

    So now, ask all the questions you have! I'll try my best to answer them all and honestly. :)
  2. *Claps* ur a turtle :D
  3. Were cousins (Animal) :D
  4. If any, which of the original 9 Friday the 13th films is your favorite? If you were trapped on a deserted island and you could bring a novelty item, a survival item, and a celebrity, what would they be?

  5. You're a turtle - that's all that matters :p
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  6. Bringing Andy into this eh?

    Question: why is ur name Bugmo when your a turtle?
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  7. Sorta. xD Lizards scare me. We have a lot at my house and they are not my friends. lol I'm sure your fine though!

    Brace yourself for this: I have not watched any of the Friday the 13th films. *shocking*
    If I were trapped on a deserted island I would bring (assuming a novelty item is just a personal item) my stuffed turtle (for comfort), a knife (cause lord knows my house has a lot of those), and Ronnie Radke (his recklessness would scare off predators).

    The name Bugmo1207 actually has nothing to do with turtles.
    Turtles just happen to be one of my favorite animals and I became a turtle after I created my username.
    I guess you could say that it's just a part of me like my username is.
    Bug is short for my family nickname, Buggin. Mo is short for my real name, Morgan. 1207 is my birthday, December 7th. Now you know. :p
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  8. Dragons are lizards.
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  9. I'll ask some of the same stuff you asked me in mine :p

    Can I have a turtle hug?
    Were you a turtle when you first started EMC?
    Who is your favorite author? (Assuming turtle read books.)
    Why did you choose to be a turtle on here?
  10. Favorite:
    Do you read comic books?
    What is your power level?
    Practical or theoretical magic? (you probably won't get this reference).
  11. Do turtles like pie?
    • Yeah I love hugging! *hugs tightly*
    • Nope. I became a turtle just last month, because turtles are one of my favorite animals.
    • My favorite authors would have to be Erin Hunter. It is a group of different authors who write the children's books Warriors (Cats), Seekers (which are bears), and Survivors (which are dogs or wolves, one of the two).
    • As I said earlier they are one of my favorite animals, alongside pandas and giraffes.
    • Right now it is the movie Unknown.
    • Johnny Depp
    • Right now it is Miss Peregrine's Home of Peculiar Children.
    • Uhm I like a lot of things.
    • Nope.
    • What's a power level? :confused:
    • Nope, don't get it at all. Sorry.
    Most definitely. :p
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  12. It is a reference to a meme that was taken from DBZ. Next someone asks you what your power level is, just say "over 9000".
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  13. I say 9001, but that's just me.
    Do you like MineTurtles?
    Have you listened to the MineTurtle song (both)?
    Do you like EMC?
    Do you play Slender?
    Do you like food?
  14. Hehehe everyone likes pandas :p
  15. DinnerBone is thinking of adding Pandas to minecraft.
  16. :eek: Dinner plz
  17. Not everyone...
    *Evil laugh*
  18. But-but..
    They're coming to Minecraft.