The true meaning of "minecraft anarchy"

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  1. If any of you play/have played on this certain well-known server, here's a render souvenir :

    This is where I played before joining EMC ^^
  2. Never seen it or played on it - And from the look of that map I don't want to xD
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  3. Doesn't it look amazing? It's so beautiful. Tell Minecraft Quarterly to hold the cover!
  4. what did you use to render that awesomeness?
  5. Sadly, it's not my render; I got it from reddit. But that must definitely have been done with Chunky, and must have taken an awful amount of time to render.
  6. what..the hell?

    that looks like its about 100 times overdue for a map reset.
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  7. Looks like a war happened there.
  8. Am I the only one that thought it was lego? :/
  9. Thats what chunky does. After a quick hour of research, it is the closest you can probably get to making minecraft still frame shots to looking like real life. Its actually quite amazing
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  10. I Want CHUNKY!!