The "Trendy Update"?

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Should EMC update to 1.10?

Yeah 4 vote(s) 57.1%
OF COARSE NOT! 3 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. Rants With Termer Presents...


    What's today? Wednesday? No, you dummy! It's rant day!
    So, as many of you no doubt noticed, Mojang has introduces a think called the "Trendy Update."
    When I first saw it, it was on April Fools, so I thought nothing of it. A few days later my friend David told me about this think called the Trendy Update, but he told me it was a playable snapshot. This bothered me very much. This I think, marks the downfall of Minecraft. If you don't believe me, then go check out I strongly think this goes very well with Aikar's post on "Mojang is Killing Minecraft." If you haven't read it, I suggest you. This was enough to make friend want to quit Minecraft. I think that Minecraft needs to recognize the multiplayer community.
    (This update is 1.RV, not 1.10.)
    Mojang, you have failed us.
  2. Doesn't mojang always give a fake update on april fools? Maybe this time they actually released the fake update :p
  3. They always release a fake update on April fools a year or so back they had an in-game shop implemented with crates and stuff.
    It's nothing to worry about.
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  4. I have been playing since minecraft beta, and I hear this every update.... but after a week release they like it....
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  5. It worries me that this moght be real.
  6. It can't be real. Its like valentines day with their update on no more violence in Minecraft. Everthing you bashed or shot gave "love" points lol. You couldn't die in any way at all. It was painful all the joy lol
  7. The trendy update was fake the next update has been said since development of 1.9 to be named the far future update. Also it was said the trendy update was fake on many accounts.
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  8. If it sounds outrageous and is on april 1st, its likely a joke.
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  9. Minecraft 1.10 is NOT the Trendy Update. Its actual name is yet to be announced.

    Content for version 1.10 has just started being revealed from Jeb on Twitter. At this time, he has released 3 screenshots.

    Minecraft 1.10 has been in development for a while, months before 1.9 was officially released.
  10. 1.RV, not to be confused with 1.10, is the reason Aikar hasn't updated yet. He plans to make the newer items which aren't obtainable to be obtainable. I believe I have all of the information from his leaks.
    • If you get in trouble too often, you are given an ankle monitor. You cannot stray more than 20 blocks from your residence.
    • Voter's Reality Vision will be given at votestreak 1000
    • Smart Watch will alert you when somebody you dislike has joined the server
      • Notice! Tom has join this server.
    • The voter gear will have to be recharged to prevent OPness. Use the usb block to recharge them
    Just wait until Aikar updates the server to 1.RV
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  11. Mojang always make play-able their April-fools update... like last year the pink wither
  12. One thing that can help you tell that these thing are fake is that they always give the link to the snapshot server. This however, did not. This and the "Love and Hugs Update" :) XD =D => :D (Spam dat emoticon)
  13. Wait, the "Love and Hugs Update" did have a server jar...
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