The Tower

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  1. The Tower is part 1 of a bigger project. Its my first piece of work at EMC since my long minecraft break. After I planned it in single player creative mode, it was made in a bit more than 1 day.

    Please use /v 627 to take a look. The Tower is across the street, but there is no public move yet. 627 has a viewing plattform though!!! :)

    Note 2 the Tower has no interior yet :p

    Eclipsys got us some nice screenshots!!!!

  2. Looks amazing so far! Great job!
  3. Incredible. Next thing you know, you will be making Tons of Towers! Keep up the great work :D!
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  4. I got a pretty nice picture of it.
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  5. One day Hasorko! One day my tower shall be just as magnificent as yours!
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  6. Thanks for all the kind words. This tower along with more I am building soon will be part of an quest I'm designing. So adventurers can look forward to that :)
  7. It looks really great. The city of Carthaga would like to support this project! If we can help you in anyway with resources, please PM me and we can figure it out :)
  8. Very cool! I'm definitely looking forward to the quest!
  9. Tower Move Flag is now true so you can check it out close if you fell you need too :D
  10. Nice splicing job.
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  11. Could be lots better XD
  12. Shader versions of your tower :D
    javaw 2014-09-30 16-45-07-47.jpg javaw 2014-09-30 16-45-28-36.jpg javaw 2014-09-30 16-46-18-68.jpg javaw 2014-09-30 16-46-31-79.jpg javaw 2014-09-30 16-46-38-17.jpg
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  13. WTF ECLIPSYS.... DEM SHADERS SO NICE thanks alot <3
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  14. Got one last nice angle:
    javaw 2014-09-30 17-03-47-34.jpg
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  15. Looks absolutely fantastic ;)
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  16. Holy moosh-dung, that thing is amazing. :eek:
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  17. I need a photographer with shaders :p haha
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  18. Talk to eclipsys :p
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  19. will add dis to endcard of emc lp if thats ok with u?

    Thanks Ironic :D
  20. I dont understand? What is the emc lp?