The time has come....goodbye

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  1. Hello people, 110 something days is probably not really worth posting about, but I will be leaving. Im sure you have heard that "you guys make up the greatest community in the world and the servers are so great" before...But it's true! EMC is a great thing!

    Anyways your all probably thinking "hey Louis cut the c*** and get to the rupees" so my small fortune of 45k goes too... I don't even know! All my closest friends have left or been banned. If you are still here and need some rupees just post below why you should get them (discretely).

    Where will I go now? A spiritual quest?....naaa I'm just gonna do my own Mc server thing with a few close friends.
    Il come back on the servers every now and then to say hi and il contribute on the forums, but you will now see a lot less of me :( (or in some cases :))

    au revoir
  2. Aww why is everyone leaving? :( I hope you come back soon though.

    Prepare for beggars. They're hitting all the threads.
  3. That's why this is introductions rather than community discussion :) I hope they don't have the brains to look this far
  4. Can I have your rupees. I need them to make this community a better and more active place!
  5. Although that is 3 people leaving in one day....
  6. It is very well spread when people leave.
  7. Is there a leaving bug going around lol jk
    never meet you in person but Good-bye, good luck on your server and life in general :)
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  8. ^^^haa I'm not a veteran
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  9. Dw guys, I'm still here.
  10. :( I'm sad that you are going. But I salute the fallen soldier who has contributed so much! Farewell my friend, If you need stuff to store I shall store it and await for your return!
  11. :O noooooo so many of my great friends are leaving, well you have helped me in so many things, we have become good friends and have enjoyed some great times together, you have shared many facilties with me. I believe many people will miss you including me, you have brought great ideas to our community so that we can experience different things, I thank you for the time I have knew you and the things you have shared. Goodbye my friend :( I do not wish for rupees
  12. Bye and all the best! D:
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  13. Bye my great emc friend! See you soon! Although I am in need of some rupees to buy ores for my mall, I won't ask you for that. But if you wish, I thank you if you want to give me some. Bye see you soon!
  14. Why are you people leaving, 1.3 is coming soon! :D
  15. i've never actually met or played with you but goodbye and good luck with the rest of your life
  16. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, I'm sure many will miss you. :)

    I'm setting up a charity for victims of grief and any contributions, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated. :)
  17. Thank you everyone. It's great to see many people who I've never met before saying goodbye. Just a small example of a great community.

    To those of you that do know me, it really is a shame but things move on. I'm sure I'll come back every now and then.

    Now as for the money...
    Malicaii seems to have a great innovation and so I would like to share 35k for the charity.

    I am going to keep 10k for emergency cash when I visit EMC and to fund a farewell party at my lot for SMP6 folks.

    Thank you, and goodbye
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  18. I've got a few ores lying around...u interested?
  19. Thank you for the offer but I'm gonna keep my plot