The TIL Thread

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  1. This thread shall be the home for all those things you learned recently that you didn't know before.
    I think I will start with.
    You can't see water through an Enderman's mouth
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  2. I just noticed an enderman has a mouth...
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  3. Today I learned that if I get chick fil a everyday, my parents will start to question me.
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  4. Coinicidentally, I ate chick fil a today. (that is coincidental I hope)

    I have learned today that a tragic accident has happened to potatoville.
  5. I learned that dragon tombs will be out before 3999. Mind=Blown
  6. I learned sheep won't jump up onto carpet
  7. Steven Hawking was given two years to live. In 1963.
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  8. Minecraft now has reverse textures
  9. Science Fair isn't something that should be procrastinated...
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