[The Think Tank] Never Before Seen Mobs?

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  1. If you had the opportunity to create a brand new mob in Minecraft, but hasn't been done or seen before and doesn't use a current Mob idea (creeper, skeleton, etc.), what would it be? Get as detailed as you can. What does it look like? How tall is it? How long is it? How does it attack? What are it's weaknesses? What does it sound like? Anything else special about it?
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  2. what about more environmental effects? liek a tornado picks up and starts carrying you away, or a flash flood
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  3. Probably a boss in the water, like an ichthyosaur but with eight eyes, and a long spiked tail. make it change color from blue to green to make it hard to see.

    Or something that can tunnel and chases you based on your sound. It digs tunnels to get to you that stay in the world, lots of legs. Like, 12 legs. Make a new enchantment called 'muffle' that quiets your footsteps on boots and your mining sounds on a chest piece.

    Or a flying mob that can pick you up and drop you to hurt you, but you can hit it while you're grabbed. Either give it two big wings or a bunch of tiny ones, and make it bright and colorful.
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  4. I'll probably make another thread about that at another time. For this thread's purpose I'm interested in only mob ideass. :)
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  5. ok then i would like to see more mobs in areas that are mostly empty, like a lava crawler mob that looks like fish that lives in the nether, or a bunch of boat targeting sea creatures that look like giant clownfish and can only be kept at bay by eating smaller clownfish every 8 minutes (since clownfish serve no purpose currently) or even a end sky monster that looks like the end sky but in lumpy cloud form, and performs a gas attack
  6. That'd be neat. Kinda like the "Monster" in Lost.
  7. A flying overworld mob would be cool...
  8. Can we get ideas from mod mobs?

    I was thinking an ore monster where if you mine a specific ore (obviously disguised) and an "alive" ore will start attacking you. I can't go into detail very well since typing on an iPhone is pretty lagging and I'm afraid my "keyboard" will freeze. :(
  9. That is why we have bats
  10. Sure, ideas from others are fine. :)
  11. I would love to see this too! Especially if you could tame it. Maybe even have a hostile version too. Modeled similar to what the rabbits tame/hostile characteristics are like?
  12. Chickens that shoot lasers
  13. I think the nether is dangerous enough as it is. It would be cool if it spawned only in the over world so the nether wouldn't be impossible to explore without enchanted diamond armor.
  14. Well for the point of this thread...let's pretend that what you know about what Minecraft 'IS', doesn't really exist as you know it. If a mob sounds cool, come up with it's details, regardless of where it would be "Nether". :)
  15. Something like "The Beast" from The Sandlot! :)
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  16. So a big friendly puppy. :p

    One of the best movies of all time, btw.
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  17. it would be in lava, so you probably have diamond armor if you are just floating around in lava.
    and the nether is only dangerous if you dont know what you are doing
  18. Agreed! :D
  19. What is this, How to Train Your Dragon?
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  20. Malbat
    It is black and grey with two huge bat wings on its back. It wears a cloak of black and the texture is of distorted faces so it appears to be woven from souls. It'd head is a pure white skull for it's head with two huge curled horns. It's eye sockets are filled with a gem, similar to the look of an ocean lantern and emit a bright blue light. It carries a dark staff made of dark oak and obsidian topped with a blue orb and bat wings.

    Spawn and drops

    It spawns in the Nether above and around nether fortresses. For every 666 mobs naturally spawned, the next mob spawned has a 66.6% chance of being a Malbat. In the overworld it spawns in canyons, caves and in the extreme hills biome. Sort of like in the Nether, for every 6660 mobs spawned the next has a 6.66% chance of being a Malbat. It drops leather, it's staff and it's skull.

    Attack and powers
    Malbat summons swarms of bats with glowing red eyes and trails of red smoke behind them to attack you. The swarms consist of 1 to 50 depending on the health on the Malbat. Each bat has 1.5 hearts and does 0.5 damage per second. The staff of the Malbat can send damaging rays and at you, like a guardian, if you have killed all of it's bats. It can summon a bat at 1 per 1.5 seconds. Malbats have 50 hearts and 1 heart corresponds to 1 bat. Every time you deduct a heart, a bat either vanishes and leaves a smoke effect (66.6% chance)or turns back to a normal bat (33.4% chance).

    The death of a bat gives you 1 experience point and the death of a Malbat gives you 10 levels worth of EXP. The spawning of bats do not count in the mob spawn count to spawn another Malbat.
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