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  1. When I go into the wilderness, I like to take a boat and sail faraway to get resources. All this is fine and good, until I get some lag while steering the boat, and crash into one of those dirt bridges ppl make to get from one continent to the other. I am then left with some sticks and wood blocks and shipwrecked on some decrepit island. I'm sure this would be avoided if I had a 2nd boat in my inventory or if bridge builders would leave at least a 2 block gap above sea level when they build. It only takes 4-6 extra blocks to elevate the bridge. So if anyone wants to build a bridge next time, please elevate, Thanks!
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  2. true its annoying to have 1 block wide un elevated bridges
  3. The proper way construct highways/bridges in the wild over water is to place arches (well above the water) to allow boat acces, every 20 blocks or so. A good exemple of this is on server 4 - westerly direction from main spawn.
    By the way I would like to know who did that build since it's a great asset for the server and I would like to donate to them.
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  4. For example: