The Theory

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Do you believe it?

Frozen 2 all the way!!! (yes) 6 vote(s) 35.3%
not a chance(no) 4 vote(s) 23.5%
sort of 7 vote(s) 41.2%

  1. Watch whole video!!!(and in fullscreen(obviously))
  2. Watched this yesterday.
  3. I love this one so much, not to mention MATPAT!!!!!! OH MY GAWDZZZZ!
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  4. Please no more frozen my sister watches the first movie to much already
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  5. This could be true, or... Disney got lazy and didn't come up with ideas, so they took pieces form tangled to frozen
  6. This could be possible. What's even weirder, I think I saw elsa's face on a Harkins 2016 cup... Maybe Frozen 2.
    (If you didn't know, harkins cups put characters/things from the movies that will be released in that year.)
  7. Frozen 2 is already planned... Been there for a long time... The thing is figuring out what is going to be the topic
  8. I'm not even kidding, I saw the title, clicked the link and while it was loading thought of this video.

    IT'S A SIGN!
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  9. Well Disney already made almost all of their animated movies connected like how this one is frozen to tangled. For those who didn't know it is much bigger than you think. Just look it up on google and you can see :)
  10. Also, i just noticed this: this 2 movies are the only ones that have an adjective as a title. Wondering why this is important? All diney movies normally put the hero/princess name on the title. This wasnt the case. If it was then they qould be callee Elsa and Rapunzel. If you watched the video, he said that Elsa has the same power, but with some extra ice benefit. Rapunzel also has extra powers and is the long hair. If you didnt noticed already the extra benefit that each sister has is said in the title
  11. It's a conspiracy!
  12. maybe a last bump, to see how people react...
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