The "talk like Yoda" thread!

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  1. Talk like Yoda in this thread we will.

    So here we will all talk like Yoda. He is a creature from Star Wars and he talks like this.
    Clean up my room I will not.

    So it's just for fun. Let's all talk like that green creature :D
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  2. Make lots of threads you do.
  3. Fun it is.
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  4. this thread, spammy it can become.
  5. Speaking like Yoda funny you think it is? Master of the force some respect you must show!
  6. Do my homework, I must. Yet here, I am. '---'
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  7. Bad homework is, play EMC you should
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  8. the force is powerful in this one
  9. image.jpg
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  10. This thread, pointless it is ಠ_ಠ
  11. Seashells by the seashore, she sells.
  12. My eggs, hatching they are
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  13. Thread you bumped
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  14. Deal with it you must.
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  15. Have spaghetti tuesdays on wednesdays, we will.

    Sorry, I just watched The Walking Dead and Jake sent me this -.-
  16. Annoying, I am.
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  17. The level's. MoeMacZap has. (look at lifetime texp)
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  18. Many likes Equinox_Boss gave me.