The Story of Wapa (A Minecraft Fantasy Story)

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  1. Chapter 1
    Once upon a time on the land very far away of Seville. Their lived a viking named Wapa. Wapa was very hard working and a great warrior in the battlelands. He was 23 years of age and was pushed by his family to dewed someone from town. Wapa didn't want to dewed no one cause he wasn't fond of anyone in the local village nor the land it's self. Wapa was well known for his perks tho. Which made many of the men in the village grow very jealous of Wapa but No one was more jealous then the village's guard captain, Grump, since the steward of the village was going to name Wapa the new guard captain. So Grump then devised a plan to get "rid" of Wapa.
    When their wasn't a war or battle happening, Wapa would normally work at the local lumber mill to make money for his family. So one night, Wapa got done work. So he went to the local tavern for some ale and salted pork. He sat down at the bar and made his order to the barmaid. "I would like a mug of ale and a stone of pork." said Wapa. The barmaid then brought him his order, "Here you go Wapa. So how's life at the lumber mill honey?" said the barmaid. "It's alright, Rose. I still get to use my Axe at least." said Wapa. Rose the barmaid was a old friend of Wapa. She is also the most beautiful woman in all the land. She was also interested in Wapa's love. Wapa wasn't too fond of her tho due to her dark history. "So when you going to wed me Wapa?" said Rose. Wapa then growls. "I will never wed someone like yourself Rose. I would of wed you but you had to go do what you did to me." said Wapa. Rose then says, "Wapa! You can't keep holding that against me!" Wapa then stood up and flipped the whole bar table. Ripping it out of it's holdings. He then stormed out of the tavern.
    "Wapa! Wake your big butt up! It's your big day!" said a young voice
    Wapa then shakes himself up and wipes away the sand from his eyes seeing his little brother, Mare. Mare also was a warrior much like Wapa but was a archer unlike Wapa being a axeman. "How you feeling today Mare?" said Wapa as his looks at his brother's legs. "I'm okay brother. You ready to become guard captain?" said Mare. "Eh. I want to help people but at the same time I don't want people to think differently of me." said Wapa. "Don't worry big brother, They all love you and you know that." said Mare. Wapa then spaces out thinking about a certain event that happen in the war. "No! Mare! Wake up!" said Wapa as his rips a arrow out of his brother's back. Mare was shot in the back during the war leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. "Wapa! Wake up man!" said Mare. Wapa then shakes himself out of his daydream. "Alright Mare! I'm going to go and then I'll tell you all about the event when I get home." said Wapa. Mare then gave him a thumbs up saying, "Good Luck!"
    Wapa is now walking in the night back to his house dressed in his newly acquired Guard Captain's uniform. Then suddenly, a bunch of men jumped out of the darkness towards Wapa. Wapa then braces himself and looks at the men. They are all wearing masks and had clubs drawn. Wapa was defenseless. "Get Him!" said one of the men. *Bam* Wapa gets hit in the back of head. Knocking him out cold.
    Wapa then wakes up and He looks around. He is in a haul of a ship. Wapa goes up to the deck and sees that he at sea with no land to been seen. He then looks into the distant and sees a dark storm coming right for him. He then runs down to the haul and straps himself to the main support. He then prays, "I hope I make it threw this All-Father. Please keep a eye on my family." said Wapa as he wipes away a tear.
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