The Story of Smp 3

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  1. It used to be a highly active server. Staff and members alike enjoyed it together, until a disease washed upon it. The amount of people that used it frequently lowered because of Smp 9, and with them the number of staff.
    A while ago, a moderator named d1223m took it upon himself to restore glory to this land. He spent countless hours working on a little underground project. One day he vanished.

    Some say he is just busy in real life, others say he plays on an alt, but what actually happened? I spoke briefly with one moderator, by the name of Chickeneer. This is not word for word as this conversation happened a week or two ago, but it is accurate.
    Me: Chickeneer, why do you only log onto this server for like 5 minutes tops and then log off?
    Chickeneer: haha, I don't know

    I quickly went to the moderator Crazy1080 and asked
    Me: Why do staff spend so little time on Smp 3?
    Him: It's like the plague to us

    So I went back to Chickeneer
    Me: Is it the plague to you staff members?
    Chickeneer: Yes.
    Chickeneer disconnected.

    I have yet to see him back here. I think this only affects moderators though, as Maxarias and I had a conversation over the course of 10-15 minutes and she didn't die/vanish.

    So did d1223m just vanish? Or did the plague get to him?

    Anyways, I want more staff on Smp3. Nothing bad happens there, so you can say "I'm here to do my job" and you'll have nothing to do. It can be a little lonely without your green names, or seeing "----- was banned for -------- for ------ days"

    We miss you guys. Come join us, it'll be ok.
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  2. Smp3 is cursed. any mod who spends too long there shall never get another stick of budder as long as they live.
    They all love budder, so they rarley go on

    NOTE: no one can be kicked for more than 1 second ;P
  3. Pshhhh. I don't see what you're talking about.
  4. I read this in Morgan Freeman's voice and it sounded almost like a Slenderman documentary ()_()
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  5. This woman's kick last for one second:

  6. I don't really know anything about smp3, but I do know that we have not a single staff member who lives on smp7, and when they are occasionally on its normally out in our wild bases. Considering we are like the 4th most populated (i think) it seems like we should get more :/
  7. It would be kinda nice to not be the only one at the Last Light Outpost on for hours at a time......