The story of a dream that came true.

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  1. Hi everyone, around 2 weeks ago we had a "Student council" at our school. This group of students put together dances, charity events etc. Well I always wanted to be in the student council, but im not the most popular in my grade so i never really wanted to try and make a speech and say it in front of around 300 students. Well during class my friends kept on telling me that i should try. The next day the teacher had a saying on the board that said "If you receive failure after trying it is better then failing and not trying". So, i said to myself that i always wanted to be on the student council, so i should try. So for the next week i made my speech, made posters and always had confidence in my self. So the day came when we said our speeches, and people who were running were sitting on a bench on the left. So each type of group presented and each said a great speech. So then it was my turn, when i was going to read my speech and try to get the position that my opponent was running for. So she read first but we were put on the stage for each type of position running(Vice president, President, social secretary etc) I don't remember what her speech said because i was so nervous looking at all the students. So then my turn came, and i could see my friends yelling my name once or twice witch made me feel like people wanted me to get the position. So i read and i finished my speech, and people clapped (like they did for everyone else) and i got off the stage. My friends said great job on the speech and i was extremely happy that i did not mess up or fail somehow. So the next day on the Anouncements they were saying the positions that the people have won. So every time a name was called, people cheered. Then they said my name on the list of people who won. My friends were very happy and i thought i wouldnt have won. So im on the student council, a dream of mine for many years, and without hope or me setting my mind to a dream like this, none of this would have happend. If you dont have a dream for anything your life Will be boring. You have to set your mind to something. No matter what people say, if you want to try, like student council in my case, try, you never know, if you put your time and effort into it then your dreams will come true;)
    Thanks all who read through this!lol...:)
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  2. Congratz, what position did you end up getting? :)
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  3. This almost makes me want to go do something. But I'm too much of a shy wuss to do anything >_<
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  4. Haha nothing to big but i got secretary, im happy that i made student council, i really wanted to make it :)
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  5. This reminds me of the time when they were choosing prefects (it's kinda like a helper for year 7's and you have to represent the school well by doing open evenings etc.) earlier this year. I wasn't sure whether to apply or not because I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it and in the end I didn't. Now the prefects have been chosen people always think I am one or 'they say why aren't you a prefect?'. I just reply with 'I didn't apply'. Even the head prefect thought I should have been a prefect and was shocked that I wasn't one. Now I think back to it, I should have applied. I am glad that you did what you did, because things you don't do, you will always regret.
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  6. Congradz, you made your dream come true. That's the trouble a lot of us, don't try cause we're afraid of failure. But, we need to be more like you and go for it. Failure can be a learning experience, a lot of famous people have failed at first. But, they kept going for their dream, like you. Keep doing it!
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  7. Thanks everyone for all the positive feed back, i really apreciate it :)
  8. I was on student council many times. I had a friend who ran this year. The is disabled and in a wheel chair. She had to make a speech infront of 400 people. she was shy, unpopular and bullied but she made it. She has a rough life and this was a major accomplishment for her. I am glad you got a spot and I hope everything goes well.
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  9. Welcome to student council ;)
    (I'm in student council at my school)
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  10. Nice story. I also wanted to be in the Student Council for my school, but instead this other kid won it, and he's not that really good! :(
    Congrats for making it, you deserved it! :D
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