The Steam Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by joshmcf, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. This is a thread where we can discuss everything on steam (PC Game Client). What is the name of your account? What games do you play? Etc...
  2. I am giving away a game for steam on SteamGifts. :3
  3. Seems legit...
  4. The game that I play most is Bad Company 2, does anyone recommend any other games?
  5. lol, it is. SteamGifts uses Valve's secure openid software, the site
    only get the information from Steam that it public information. The game is in my steam inventory and it will be given away in 9 hours. :3
  6. uh depends on your specs. i play GTA IV and BO2 alot though.

  7. iam dirkjan1993

    i play mostly civilization 5 <----- most awesome game right after minecraft :p
  8. Civilization 5, in the words of Lur of Omicron Persei 8, "Confuses and Infuriates" me.. xD
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  9. EDIT: That was my YouTube. Here's my Steam.
    Add me!
    I play: Portal 2, Limbo EDGE, Quantum Conundrum, Scribblenaughts Unlimited, and Team Fortress 2
    Anyone want to trade in TF2? I'm looking for a Machina for my sniper.
  10. IGN: Mrlegitislegit
    Most played game: TF2, think I have around 360 hours played.
  11. well i LOVE it just play tuturial and its fun
  12. nearly 600 hours of civilization 5 :)
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  13. I grew up with the other Civ games including Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire, which seem easier in concept for me..
  14. oh i started with civ 4 like 4 months before civ 5 . cenrtainly after gods and kings its an awesome game
  15. Jet Set Radio is a fun little game... I played the sequel on the original XBOX when I was about six.
    Also, I'm SpaceShuttleFan on steam, if anyone needs to grow their friends list so they're not forever alone. XD Check out the EMC group too!
  16. haha iam forever alone :(
  17. I've played about 72 hours of Portal 2, to the point that it's the only game on my desktop instead of my Games folder. I've probably played hundreds of hours worth of games.
  18. I wish I could enter, but apparently I need to have my Steam game values at $100…
    My name is: Penfission
    All I got is the Portal games.
  19. Tucansam200 I think.

    Mostly Left 4 dead, haven't been on in a while.
  20. I mostly play Star Trek Online.. o,o'