The Staff Booty Bump Thread!

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  1. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you an EMC first!

    Me and Georgeashington (Kat) have been booty bopping over the many servers of EMC for a while now, and decided; hey, why dont we see how many screenshots we can get whilst booty bopping Staff?

    So. I present to you, the staff booty bopping thread.
    As a foot note, I would like to say, all staff either knew this was happening or were asked if they were free first to be able to have the screenshot taken (thanks on that one toade ;)) To my knowledge, the mighty Aikar was the only one we couldn't ask as he was afk, plus coordinating a bootybump whilst someone's flying is a massive issue.

    Just a thread to cast some laughs for all. Any mods have a problem with me using an sc (screenshot) of them, please let me know :).

    Mods bootybumped so far..


  2. Just added. Uber_Corq.
  3. Yay! I was in with Uber_Corq!
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  4. you should add "SMP8" to the title
  5. Aikar isn't a mod, he's the owner :p
  6. It looks like I'm eating the back of Shyguy's head. I swear, I'm not Hannibal Lecter!
  7. ...Cannibalism!
  8. BK's made it onto the thread aswell!

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  9. Someone add a "#nsfw" here...
    Boss: What are you doing?
    You: *Control+W" NOTHING!
    Boss: *Glares at you*
    You: *Soul burns into ashes*
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  10. Videos are better. This one is from Lego
  11. That does not look like booty bumping lol
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  12. Matter of opinion =P
  13. Also, for the record, even though Krysyy is in one of our screenshots we wanted her permission instead of booty bumping her while she was afk lol. And crystaldragon13 has been avoiding us quite well :p.
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