The spOoOoOoky story thread!

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  1. As its Halloween we might as well have a spooky/scary story thread. Please put a spoiler on any stories that could be seen as "overly disturbing."

    My story is.......

    There is......

    A skeleton.....

    Inside you.....


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  2. I came here expecting a store for haunted candy or something...
    Am disappoint...
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  3. One day, the 3 most powerful people on EMC: Maxarias, Krysyyjane9191, and Aikar took all of your money and left EMC to burn.

    Getting shivers just thinking of it.
  4. I opened the cookie jar and it was empty.

    I'm sure I'll be able to think of an actual story at some point.
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  5. I have a story about the paranormal, happened to 3 of my friends.
    So my friends got together one night (a few weeks ago) and got the "bright" idea to try out a ouija board.
    They started it out by putting a penny on a piece of paper with letters and numbers, and said,"Ouija, Ouija, Ouija"
    And the typical Ouija board story begins...
    There were many "spirits" communicating but there was is one in particular. It called itself BW
    So my friends became curious, and asked some questions...Here are the answers
    Booker Washington
    Born 1856
    Died 1915
    3 marriages
    Now this may look like nonsense, but the dates are correct, it even got his current graveyard, children, and many other personal details correct.
    A few other odd things happened but would take too long to explain.
    The Ouija board was put away and forgotten about until mysterious paranormal events occurred.
    My friends received text messages from unknown numbers claiming to be "BW"
    The "thing" texting them knew things that only BW knew...
    When this number is called, it will ring
    and ring
    and ring.... Until you hang up, or so I was told

    It was unsure whether or not this was someone messing with them, with a texting app or if it is legit.
    A few days ago at school my friend found a dollar bill in her pocket with "BW" written on it. She claimed that she did not put it there...
    Another friend (also involved in the Ouija Board Session) said a note with BW on it fell from her pocket as she sat down...
    So you decide, is it a well played prank, or are they being haunted by the paranormal?
    Moral: Don't do Ouija Boards or you will stalked by Booker T. Washington

  6. Wow. That sounds soooo scary. I feel sorry for you guys.
  7. I wasn't there, I was only told about this. But I will never try a Ouija board...
  8. Sometimes Ouija boards can be faked or are pulses by the brain that aren't noticed and someone is actually pushing it around. Not sure, but I'd still never try one xD