The Soon To Be 308 Mall

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  1. Have you ever gone out into the wild with your ONLY silk pick to get coal, diamond and redstone ore, and then to get blown up by a creeper and lose all that you have worked for?
    Well, thats where I come in. The 308 Bulk Sales Department is the answer!! Example: Steve places an order for a chest full of wood pick, cause i guess thats all he wood pick:p.
    We get make the picks right in the shop as soon as possible, and then you pay us and get [ACCESS] to the chest with your items. Also, this is my signature. ;)

    With this unique [ACCESS] feature, you can have the flexibility you need if your working on a project.

    Heres the gist: Since this is my res, i can open all chests. if you are caught holding other items for long periods of time in the chest, i will take them because i DO NOT offer free storage!!!
  2. Also, if you can't get a hold of me in-game, make a post on here or post on my page, Ok? Post like this if your making a deal with me, or else i'll get Mr. Rocco Ninja!

    IGN: Traynfreek
    Budget: 10000000000000r
    Item: stone
    Deadline(If applicable): September 32, 2099
  3. Great idea! I think i'll use it sometime :D
  4. Hm. Intresting…

  5. I guess its pun time.