The Snow of the East U.S.A.

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  1. Well, well well! Mother Nature is dispensing some snow, a LOT of snow. Does 18 inches not excite you? They are cancelling school. :D However, they gave us homework for Monday (today) AND tomorrow. :confused:
    Here's what's happening right now:
    Photo on 2015-01-26 at 14.49.jpg
    There's a LOT more to come. The most snow is overnight.
  2. That's awesome, Since there is no snow where I live :p
  3. School for me is cancelled 24 hours in advance and we had an early early dismissal. No, not a typo.
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  4. That looks like NY, is that NY? :p
    Yeah, tons of snow here. Today was early dismissal and tomorrow most likely a snow day!
  5. You are right. Welcome to Brooklyn, across the river from the action and tall buildings and business of Manhattan.
  6. Like you, school was cancelled tomorrow. Unlike you, no early dismissal today.
  7. *meanwhile in West Coast desert* - Yep more heat, dirt, and dead stuff around.
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  8. Pft. I think we can all agree British snow wins
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  9. Im from new york too and they cancelled school in advance, pretty silly in my opinion but I'll take a day off.
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  10. *meanwhile in East Coast suburb* Yep, more snow, snow, and snow.
  11. County?
  12. Well, well. The storm is gonna go overnight. ;)
  13. Why?! Snowplow came around corner. :mad:
  14. im from Maine and they cancelled school in advance for yesterday and today. We Never even lost power xD This storm sucked!
  15. I couldn't even go sledding 'cuz I got sick! :mad:
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  16. i could've before the storm, but i was lazy
  17. we have 4 feet of snow, and only day that was off was first day as there was freezing rain then snow. :p
  18. Meanwhile in Nebraska, it's the middle of winter and it's 60 degrees. Then Saturday comes and the temperature plummets to 30 degrees. Nebraska weather for you!
    Take care on the northeast and stay safe.
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  19. No Snow...No Sun...Just rain :(