The SMP8 Brewing Corp.

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  1. The SMP8 Brewing Corp.
    Will Be Selling:
    Fire Resistance Normal
    Fire Resistance Extended
    Water Breathing Normal
    Water Breathing Extended
    Swiftness Normal
    Swiftness Extended
    Strength Normal
    Strength Extended
    Night Vision Normal
    Night Vision Extended
    Health I
    Health II
    Regeneration Normal
    Regeneration Extended
    Zombie Virus

    Normal Or I Potions - 6r
    Except Water Breathing 8r And Swiftness 3r
    Extended Or II Potions- 8r
    Except Water Breathing 10r And Swiftness 5r
    Zombie Virus - 8r

    Order In 9's So It Is Easy To Brew
    Several DC's Can Be Orded But Will Take Time
    Otherwise Buy In My Store

    Order Slip
    Amount of potion:

    Your Orders Will Confirmed Then Carried Out
    I Will Then Leave A Chest With Access Sign On My Third Res Once Money Is Paid
    Order's Time May Vary According To Amount
  2. I Will Also Be Able To Make These Potions Splash Due To My New Stock Of Gunpowder
  3. Name: Neonkillah
    Potion:Extended Waterbreathing
    Amount of potion: 10
  4. Ok Order Confirmed Ill Send Them Straight Away Once Brewed
  5. Bump For Adverticing
  6. Thanks kyle Bump
  7. could i get a dc of every extended potion? regen, night vision, fire res, swiftness, strength and waterbreathing?
  8. Sure order confirmed ill start brewing straight away
  9. Fire Resistance is Ready Price is 576r
  10. 54 Fire Resistance 8 min potions
    54 speed 8 min potions
  11. Swiftness Is Ready Price Is 360r
  12. Access sign will be added when money is paid chest will be on my 3rd res
  13. Name: Skrillexrocks500
    Potion: Fire resistance extended/splash
    Amount of potion: DC
  14. cad I will sort your order but I have a large order off bitemenow to fill out ill try finish as soon as I can
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  15. Thanks bitemenow15 the other 4 DC will be made tomorrow
  16. skrillex I have 2 other orders but ill brew as quick as I can
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  17. Bitemenow the regen DC is done same pick up point
  18. The Price Is 576r