The SMP7 Apartment Complex Project!

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What do you want to be in the Apartment Complex?

A pool 5 vote(s) 38.5%
An enchantment room 2 vote(s) 15.4%
A lounge 5 vote(s) 38.5%
A mob grinder 8 vote(s) 61.5%
Other *please specify in the comments* 1 vote(s) 7.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. We (me, Ana_Banana10, jellop722, and BlueDolphinGirls) are working on gathering the materials for the first, and biggest Frontier Project of Smp7!
    Across almost all smps, there are farms (such as the Enderman Farm, Guardian farm, etc.) or a regular even (PvP, Mob Arena, etc.). But what about smp7? Grinders? No. Events? Not really... Anything??!! Nuh-huh.
    So, the team have set up on a quest! To make the first and biggest project of smp7! Our project is to create an Apartment Complex, mob-free, death-proof, redstone-ready, as a stay for explorers, miners, or even random people! This project is non-profit, so we call on you, the kind people of the Empire, for help. Donating to any of the team, preferably me :p, will give many future perks such as as First-Floor (or Top-Floor - your choice) Apartments, Access to the an even bigger Safe-Room (for when mobs get out of hand), and even our massive Villager-Trading Arena. But wait... There's more! We will even give you your own DC of free storage, locked, and private from even us! :p
    We are open to suggestions, thanks for reading this and we hope you donate... ;)
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  2. Reserved for further posts. :p
  3. Cool. Good luck with that. :p
  4. Idk if this is only for auctions but please dont keep bumping jsut to be at the top of the thread:p
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  5. Also its not the biggest project on smp7;)
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  6. Thanks :D

    Oh, sorry... :p

    It's called exaggeration. Did I spell it right?
  7. Update: We have dug the tunnel in Smp7 and placed a working rail all the way to some far away place... It's at /frontier west. To get to the rail, walk forwards from the spawn and turn right when you see a big CP made of wooden planks. When you get there, go down a hole (which has ladders of course). And you will find our Railroad! ;) We're working on the complex now! Nite nite... Literally, the mobs are killing us. :p
  8. this is cool!
  9. Awesome! Its good to see other smp's working on other projects. :)
  10. Update: We're actually turning what we though was the center of the complex into a station, going towards other parts of the complex. We have big ambitions. :p There's only one problem... We're out of rupees! Donate to JaniceTheDorito, or Ana_Banana10, thanks again... ;) Or.. you can give us golden ingots and redstone dust, or even powered rails! Again, thank you for your support guys! It means a lot to us.
  11. Yet another Update: Thank you to 8comimi (sorry if I get the username wrong) for donating 27 gold blocks to the project, we have now started work on the railroad to the apartments and requested access from moderators to make this complex a safezone. Still working on it. Thank you again guys, couldn't do it without cha. Now we're kinda sleeping, so good night, EMC. ;)
  12. We're starting work again! Okay guys, we've started again, finishing up the rail line to the Apartments, after this we'll be building them! :DAccepting donations of Iron blocks or ingots, and any woods. Thanks for supporting us. :p
  13. Sorry, this is my first time posting pictures, so they might not work. ;)

    View of the Complex so far...Inside the 1st Floor.
    The 2nd Floor Balcony.
    View from the top of the poles. :p

    There's way more to come, so stay tuned for more! Thanks, couldn't have done it without your support. :)
  14. Thanks to KarateKitKat, who just donated 10,000r, we can now start building the rail from the station to our farm! Let the adventure begin!
  15. Please keep your BUMPS for every 3 hours.
  16. Sorry! :p
    The first furnished room!

    Nearly halfway there.

    Ana_Banana10 is a rebel! She made her own apartment! (Just kidding, we were planning on this...)

    The shower system! Ineffective, but fun! For drowning...

    A room for... Umm... The rich? Wouldn't say so.

    Thanks for the support! I won't be working on this in the weekend due to some internet issues that somehow we know about in advance... Anyway, the team will still we working, but I won't be helping. :confused:
    I'll be back on Monday, though!
  17. You are welcome for the gold, people spell my real name wrong all the time anyways.
    It only has 5 letters like come on! :p
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  18. This is cool guys! I will def donate rupees and supplies! :D yay for SMP7 (Best server on EMC :p hehe)
  19. It's rather close to spawn, don't you think?
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  20. If you've found our station then it is pretty close. However, our Complex is, while not too far away, far enough so the land is decent for construction.
    Thanks, that'll help us move forward a lot faster! :p
    Sorry, updated. ;)
    My memory isn't that good, tried though. :p