The SMP4 Paradise Project Is Going To Be Moving Forward Soon :)

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  1. I know some of you have been asking me lately how the project is going for all the residences we have on Smp4.
    I am very happy to say that we have had tons of help with mining and gathering of supplies. I am confident that we will have enough to put a large wall with arches and towers at every corner and street crossing surrounding 16 residences very soon.
    Jack Biggin was able to get our Creative Server up and running again and soon we will be doing the contest to see what and who gets to be in the Final Build....
    Keep in mind their will be plenty of community involvement once the wall is ready to go and then again once the Winning Builds are completed.
    Also be thinking about The Landscaping Project. Once we are ready to move to that stage their will be Another Contest.... :)

    You can sell me materials anytime on Smp4 at the Warehouse on 8100.... We have an entire room set up and you can pm me for an Access Sign if you want to donate to the project. Their will be a Beautiful Display made with all names of those who do.... :)

    More Coming Soon....
  2. Yay! :D
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  3. Can't wiat!
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  4. It will be a bit for me to get moved and settled in.. then we will get things up and running. Its all behind the scenes right now... lol
  5. Wait , whats this?Sounds interesting ...
  6. This sounds amazing, wish I cold see it but I am super far out in the smp4 wilderness. ):
  7. A question, did I enter the contest?
  8. umm....
    What project?
    What did i miss?
  9. LOL.... You guys are funny. Okay so first of all, the contest has not started. The project is 16 reses all connected that we are turning into a city within the city.... surrounded by a beautiful huge wall made of all the amazing white materials and glass....
    That is all I will tell you for now!;)
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  10. :eek:
  11. That's what i've been doing for all the res' around 9140 to remove the bad looking ones (where I can) with good friends and being diamond :)
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