The SMP4 Paradise Project Has A Forum!

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  1. Thank You JackBiggin for all you are doing behind the scenes to make the project the most organized and perfect as we can!
    This is the Forum....

    When you sign up use your MINECRAFT NAME ONLY as I will have Jack delete any other type. This is the ONLY way to keep this all organized :)
    Here you will become the team!
    Here you will meet the Leadership
    Here you will form teams and make new friends
    Here you will know what supplies are needed and how much
    Here you will have a general discussion room where you can all plant ideas and grab ahold of this vision...

    For Now I Can Tell you that the NAME is about to revealed... ;) Soon...
    The Sandstone Slab foundation on which the wall will be built is being laid out TODAY!
    There is a CONTEST on this forum! And the prizes keep on growing...

    So What Are You Waiting For? LOL
  2. Is "LOL" your catch phrase?
  3. And............ wait for it.............. lol. :) just kidding! this is where you will be able to find any and all information on this project. we update it regularly and someone is usually always there!
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  4. Will glass be resourceful? I have an ample amount of it!
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  5. Always Need That One.... :)
    There is a complete Auto Center at 8100....
  6. Ok Guys Lets See How Much Stuff We Can Get R0bbie... GO
  7. Quartz! We Need Quartz.... :)
  8. Please make sure you are registering at the Smp4 Project Forum... That is where all the communication is! ;)
  9. We are still waiting on some people to register! Also things are moving along rather quickly! I would hate for anyone to miss an opportunity to be a part of this amazing project!
  10. I want to Ore buster all that Quartz at 8100... I can't imagine how much we have gotten just this weekend... :)
  11. Let's start doing a Daily Total.... Ore to Quartz per day.... I am curious!
    OB1 Can post the totals at 8100 on the Walls.... :)
    What ya think?
  12. I will get him on this!
  13. Want to make n Ore Busting Platform on top of 8100.... LOL
    That would be cool