the smp2's doom is near

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  1. this means the end 2013-06-05_21.18.49.png

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  2. Or it means there are 4 moderators on the same SMP. Either one works though
  3. The staff is taking over smp2 :(
  4. Same happened earlier today with smp1 and utopia. I wonder what they are planning...
  5. Haha that was fun with the mods :)

    Following Hamster and I
  6. Thats not even the mods native to smp2! :p
  7. Typical of our "professional" staff... :p
  8. How do you take over something you're already in charge of?
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  9. I went over to this thread thinking it would be one of those threads saying "The economy is runeeed! We need to fix it"

    I came back laughing.
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  10. By running everybody else into the wild.
  11. Of course, it was a well planned out raid. Highly coordinated
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  12. This was maily just a joke cause no mod besides kry comes on smp2 very often so ya
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  13. Welllllllll... :p
  14. And Mr. Moose
  15. And Mr. Alex... And Mr. AzHamster...
  16. I knew they were going to rob use blind. They even hit my house up, they knocked me out and threw me in the closet! im missing my vaulables! Nah, its only a joke, seriously
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  17. *coughCauseHamsterWasGettingStaffCough*
    Oh excuse me there.
  18. A highly coordinated raid, you say?

    Well, Mr. Chicken, I have no reason to not believe you.
    For a start, I'm adamant you had a public Pastebin document set up, and messaged all staff involved with a link to it. The Pastebin document would detail plans, have an ASCII skull, and a title like 'Operation Staffstifle', as well organised raids do.
    Secondly, it is likely you sent people to block up Habbo as training for the creation of lulz, another necessary component in any raid.
    After this, it is perfectly likely you recruited at least one guy from the internet claiming to be the top Navy Seal in the United States Marines, with over 300 confirmed kills, and ran a 1337 h4x0r program, like the one displayed below (sourced from a hacking exhibition website in the depths of the interwebs)

    Following that, you and the navy seal set up 2 imageboards, from which you distributed YouTube downloader software, which contained a virus attaching victims' computers to a botnet. The processing power would be put towards running hacks to give all staff involved in the raid infinite abilities, before eventually being tempbanned by ICC, and buying an alt with which to preach an evil message; that your raid team, made up of operatives on your image board and the full force of the United States Army through your Navy Seal, would be known as Craspcraft, the evil band of griefers. Before you get permabanned by the Cow, you unban Roblikescake, Nfell, and The One Who Shall Not Be Named, and many lulz are had. In your last seconds on EMC, you make a lava wall around SMP5's Wild, and die of laughter.
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  19. OR... We were in mumble together. lol. Though what you said would have been a good idea also.
  20. Don't forget to mention you had your Mumble discussion behind a VPN and seven proxies.