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Haunted Head 7 vote(s) 16.3%
Something Else 38 vote(s) 88.4%
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    Hey everyone! Today I have some big things to talk about in regards to the reconstruction of my shop, status on supply company and parkour competitions, etc., and I hope you'll like it!

    Smp2 Mini-Mall: Residence 3794
    The wait is over, the shop is now officially up and running! Please feel free to stop by at any time. Unlike the last shop, where I planned to downgrade a bit, the opposite happened, and I'm now selling more products than before! Adding all potion ingredients and utility items were a big part of the effort this go around, and it looks like it's gonna work out really well. Also being added in this shop were all dyes and colored blocks, and obviously the big ticket items are still hanging around, such as promos and wood. All shops (except for promos) come with stock indicators that allow you to shop easier. In addition, new condos have been built and I'm hoping to get some deals on them soon. For some of the best deals in the store, please visit this site: Click Me for 3794 Info!

    New Things On The Horizon!
    As I said up above, this is my final effort for businesses and events, then I will at least slow down by a lot. There are a few things that I plan to start within the next few months or so, and I want to announce my plans throughout the rest of my time on EMC. Please fill out the Google form below if you express any interest in these topics.
    1. EMC Parkour Tournament 2015: I am glad to say that the EMC Parkour Course has been approved by staff and is ready to host events, and once I have enough funds I will be able to hold a massive parkour tournament with extremely large that uses all three courses! Each one is unique and offers a variety of racing types.
    2. Jug'z Enchants Supply: I'm also glad to say that since everything is built now, work on developing a business based on Enchantments is the next immediate item on the agenda, after a failed business attempt at a supply company around a year ago I have decided that an Enchants company is definitely a possibility, with the right equipment it's not actually that difficult to mass produce orders, and employees will get paid well for their cooperation. This WILL NOT be a single-handed effort, however.
    3. Juggernaut Establishment: Once I've done everything listed above, I'll probably "retire" from EMC by forming an Outpost somewhere on Smp3. Forming an Frontier Outpost has always been a goal of mine, and it would be a cool way to go out. Once again, I'll need help with this happening!

    Hiring Workers!
    Since I plan on this shop being my last, I'm going to try to make use of it as much as possible. I'm looking for someone who can make some nice auto-farms, but first I need to complete a digging project on my Utopia res (There's a start on it, but it's nowhere near finished). All in all, they are pretty expensive projects for pretty good workers, so please fill out the form below if you are in need of a job!

    Here's the form everyone, please fill it out when you get the chance!

    Thank you for reading everyone, and welcome to the Smp2 Mini-Mall! :D;)
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  2. 37 please! And good luck with your shop, will visit some time :)
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  3. 26 please. Your shop looks great!
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  4. 1-25 please if u can ill take 7 and if u need someone to enchant some books for u look no further i am ur man
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  5. You can't take all 25 :p. But yeah I'll give u 7. And if I recall correctly I think we built the original parkour course together, do you think you'd be up for working on it still?
  6. 44 and hope you have a lot of luck man
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  7. I would love to work on it agian with u I was not sure if it was u or not I would of help u finished last time but I was sadly banned for pvp in wastelands even though no one was hurt I got mad cause dude stole marlin leggings unfairly from me but I would love to help agian see u on the server
  8. K. Well I'm on Smp2 now.
  9. Number 17 please! :3
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  10. 27 please, Ill have to come see your shop when i get off work
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  11. 33 Please, adorable shop by the way :)
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  12. 13 Please, and congrats on everything lol
    EDIT: May I use alternate accounts for this?
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  13. 17 for me
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  14. Yeah sure.
    I'll give you 18.
  15. 28 please, and I can't wait to go to your shop! I've been to it a few times looking for some supplies, but I didn't realize it wasn't open yet :p
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  16. I would enjoy 14 please, and I agree with MasterDude13 on your good work and obviously not his alt :)
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  17. I didn't get put into the list? :confused:
  18. Sorry I'm doing now.
    G-Nite Everyone!