The SMP1 Birthday Res

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  1. As you way know, SMP1's first birthday is coming up. Okay, so it might be a little early (about a month) to start, but me and the team want to make sure it's all ready. Basically, we're building a huge chocolate cake with <3 1 made out of red wool on the glass roof. The interior is currently planned to be very lavish with all the facilities needed but it's not been finalised yet.

    Through-out SMP1's birthday (25th July) a huge treasure hunt will be taking place. There will be teleporters in the cake to certain reses. Hidden on each of these reses is a sign with a code on. If you put the code into the website (open on the birthday only) then you'll get an exclusive free EMC related download and entered into one of the various prize draws.

    Sorry there isn't much detail yet. I just wanted to get this out there. I'll be updating this post whenever new stuff happens. If you want to see the cake go to 510 and look right (sometimes it's -move, that's why I say do this). And remember:
    25th July 2012. Be there.
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  2. It's my birthday in two days, so I approve of this ;3333
  3. Yay this sounds like sooooo much fun! Although I'm not a resident of SMP1 I feel that I should still attend as it marks a year since EMC was first created! If you need anything at all to make this even more memorable please don't hesitate to ask me!
  4. Ooo a Emc Gathering :D
  5. PThagaard's just finished redstone-ing happy birthday in noteblocks. Thank you so much PT! :D