The Smp Megastore - Looking For Franchisees

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  1. I've started a MEGASTORE franchise, my plan is to have one on smp1-9, including utopia. I 'm running my Megastore on smp6, since thats my main res. I would prefer to get in contact with a Diamond Supporters, but will also accept Gold Supporters. I also can't make this possible with out your help through donations. The way it would work is as follows: the sellers will take all accept for 25% of the profits from my franchises. If your feeling generous, you should donate another 5-10% of your profits to building and other materials. I figure that its best to take the slow approach into this, as this would be best for my/your business. I will check other stores on the servers in order to keep pricing competitive. I will be available everyday, to help out where i can, as well as supplying designs for effective farms(tree/charcoal, plant, fish and animal) and cobble/obsidian generators to supply the store. Each store will be individually owned, and because of that, each owner should be making a good amount of rupees. Click Below for the status updated every 24-48hours. Here are the Megastores so far:

    Smp1: Shop Being Built

    Smp2: Shop Needed
    Smp3: Shop Needed
    Smp4: Shop Open
    Smp5: Shop Needed
    Smp6: Shop Open
    Smp7: Possible Shop
    Smp8: Shop Open
    Smp9: Shop Open
    Utopia: Shop Being built

    Google Doc updated every 24-48 hours:

    View My Store Item List Here:

    Also Here are some pictures of the various areas of the Original MEGASTORE on Smp6:


    The Famous Tree Farm/Charcoal Farm

    Store TP Area
    East Side of Store

    West Side of Store

    View of store from above

  2. ill be the shop on smp1 my res # is 2354 but my chop is under construction. Mabye you can help me???
  3. Sounds good, Check out the link here to see what you want to sell.
  4. wow that is quite a bit... good thing i have a huge shop d:)
  5. I will be smp1 shop franchise it's ready

    EDIT: well actually i just saw your shop, I will build a second floor for your shop personally(the floor will be HUGE) If i am accepted
  6. I'm building a tower on SMP4, maybe i can help you? Check it out at 8914 ;)
  7. Whats your res#?
  8. Well we strive to please everyone, come see my store on smp6 #12208
  9. Yeah sounds good ill try and come by tonight or tomorrow
  10. Res 1080, I will build a lower floor for you when I get my minecraft working
  11. I have a shop at 8939, but I can build a big floor above it on smp4 8939
  12. Sounds good i'll come by today
  13. Got my minecraft working, I am in the progress of making your floor, It will be bigger or just as big as the top one, except with more chest/sign space
  14. I can let you "rent out" space on my sheep farm plot on SMP5 if you want. Contact me whenever I'm on for details.
  15. Yay SMP4shop is almost done ! It is high above the ground:)
  16. Alright sounds good what is your res# i'll drop by
  17. Hodgedude am I accepted for franchise owner?
  18. Its between yourself and 2 others on smp1, ill be by today to talk about it in person. It comes down to who will keep true to the franchise, and what kind of person you are
  19. Yeah its official, when will you be on again?