The Slow Death of SMP3

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Did You Move From SMP3 To Another Server

I went to 1 2 vote(s) 4.1%
I went to 2 1 vote(s) 2.0%
I went to 4 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I went to 5 2 vote(s) 4.1%
I went to 6 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I went to 7 1 vote(s) 2.0%
I went to 8 1 vote(s) 2.0%
I went to 9 1 vote(s) 2.0%
I never had smp3 as my home server 41 vote(s) 83.7%
  1. Lately I have noticed that SMP3 has only been holding around 5-8 people on at one time, this is very odd to me as when i first started playing EMC (some 200 days ago) SMP3 was PACKED and i could never get on! This is not a thread saying 'we need more features the servers are never full anymore' it is just saying that SMP3 is dying. We keep losing people and seeing them move to another server like 8 or 9 which is fine, but after one person did it SO many people went along and did that too. Lately Even Utopia has more people on it which is really rare. Another thing i have noticed is that there are almost never any supporters on this. I guess what I am trying to say is why is SMP3 so dead now, what happened to it.
  2. i mine on smp3 because there is never anyone on it..
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  3. Once I get my alt I'll claim my res on smp3.
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  4. These things happen. A new update will be out soon from Mojang and after Justin and the staff get the server updated you will see a large number of people coming back to EMC. Apart from that I'm pretty sure we are going to see a few new features exclusive to EMC.
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  5. Same with smp6
  6. smp8: the breeding ground of noobs, who then decide it isnt social enough and move to a different server.
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  7. so are smp2 and 9 spamming caps foul language you can find it thare utopia is the most civilized server
  8. SMP2 isn't as bad as you think. Most of us are civilized people. Most...
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  9. albeit the quietest one.
  10. they flood smp9 everyday im thinking about moving server's so i don't see constant spam and begging. also im tired of trying to figure out what these "noobs" type since they are clearly not trained to use a simple dictionary or even learning how to use a keyboard before using the computer. / end of my rant.
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  11. SMP5's ok. From time to time, there IS that ONE nooblet...... ARGH!
  12. I humbly disagree.

    The new proposed "shop" system kills off all sense of community; if it's introduced, I think it will spoil EMC completely. People socialise over shopping and bartering. EMC plans to eliminate that via a system that lets you buy at the cheapest price with one click.

    It's like all the real-world "Ghost towns" that used to have nice local shops. There will be no point to shops any more, so no social interaction.

    That is, of course, just my opinion.
  13. Smp1 is oldest. It is also home of me and where jack is a lot and were both pretty strict on caps.
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  14. Well.... when you first joined, there were 5 servers (SMP1-4 and Utopia). Each server could hold up to 45 people. At peak times the SMP servers had 45 players on each and Utopia would have a about 10. So the total at peak times would be 195. At the time of this post, there are 134 players online and SMP3 has the 6th highest number out of 10 servers. Taking into account that the numbers are higher during peak time, I would say that the players have just spread out among other EMC servers.
  15. I agree.
  16. When I stared EMC Like... 12 days ago.. I choosed SMP9 because I noticed it was the youngest (And supossed it was the server with the wild less dry) and had the most people online at that time.
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  17. I agree also. EMC kills megashops should be new signature -_- and i was wondering why we have so many new rude people on smp1 -_-
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  18. Mall murderer.png
  19. I tried smp3, I went back to smp2, smp3 just isnt that fun anymore :(
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  20. More servers = Less people in each server :)