The Sky District!

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  1. Put any ideas for builds on the sky district in the comments!
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  2. A castle in the clouds
  3. Genius! that will be put on my list!
  4. A little TIE fighter from Star Wars!
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  5. Wow there is a lot of things I did not think of, thanks!
  6. Wow, that looks amazing! Really cool! Keep posting pictures! :)
    You don't mind if I use one of these ideas in a custom map, right?
  7. If you feel it will fit in your map, Sure! once you make it you should send the download
  8. Aotrudell, the People of Carthaga would like to donate a DC of wood and cobble stone for your sky district. If you are interested I will setup a chest for you on smp4 8097. Let me know :)
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  9. Cool I will be on at 6:00 Wednesday. Thanks for your support!
  10. Access chests setup
  11. Man its really cool that you made this, if you ever need building help come to my res on SMP9!
  12. Aotrudell. Greetings, Salutations, and many more. :3

    My name is Sweetcutey, and a representative of Carthaga. I was wondering if you would like some more supplies for your project? If so, please post me back and a list of supplies you still need. :D The people of Carthaga are always ready to help donate and support other people's projects. :)
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